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Hakata Illuminated (part two)

After seeing the lights in the ‘densest’ area, we took quite a while to find the next lit-up shrine. We went from temples to shrines, and met up with an acquaintance I met in Himeji for dinner. 239 more words


How to Build an Altar

When first getting into energy and the metaphysics, I was hesitant to the idea of an altar. It seemed almost scary. Seeing pictures of dripping candles, symbols, and trinkets, I turned away from this practice. 666 more words


Shinto Shrine Girl by faridiqbal

The girl on the picture works at a Shinto Shrine located at Kyoto, Japan.

From 500px http://ift.tt/1nVk5aF


Signs of Spring

It may only be early February, but that’s when the signs of spring appear in the Tokyo area of Japan. This morning, we went for a walk to see Mt. 149 more words


The Wandering Must Go On

Gloves on, beanie tight, boots zipped ready to start our voyage to Kamakura. With one step out the door eyes hungry for adventure become defeated with the windy gust of winter. 146 more words



I Love temples while I am NOT religious. For Japanese, temples and shrines are rather third place in our daily life. I go there every Saturday to practice my calligraphy as it has an air for concentration. 79 more words