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Sundown in Kyoto

Even weeks after leaving Kyoto, it’s hard to believe that this place even exists. It is the ancient, cultural heart of this Land of the Rising Sun, and to paraphrase a Japanese gentleman I met in Tokyo, who was speaking about the Japanese bombings of World War II, “if they had have bombed central Kyoto, there would have been no coming back from that”. 451 more words


Hiroshima Castle

Our Sunday officially started with a bike ride to Hiroshima Castle, only a few blocks away from the Cooper home. It was so refreshing to ride a bike again. 164 more words


Combination Post

So I quickly fell very, very behind in my posts, and instead of making a separate post for each day/adventure, I decided to combine a bunch of them here instead. 487 more words


A thought, a prayer

I am only becoming more and more certain that the spot we call our shrine, that I have mentioned and described in this blog several times already, really is a powerful spot. 237 more words

Summer Holidays #1 - Back in Kyoto

So my trip to Kyoto didn’t quite go as I’d initially planned, thanks to Typhoon Nangka which also decided to do some sightseeing across Japan, causing no small amount of disruption. 2,291 more words


Shrines: a brief manual for dummies

Visiting a shrine for the first time, one can feel a bit lost, sometimes even confusing a shrine for a temple. Respecting these places of worship and their believers means understanding a few of the following basics. 571 more words