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In a wooded place,

a tiny shrine to Mary

houses garter snakes.



I’m the earth’s biggest procrastinator. I can’t believe it would take me this long to put out something here again.

My previous post was just me ranting about how crowded Fushimi Inari Shrine was when we were there. 238 more words


The Shrine

The shrine
© Folakemi Emem-Akpan

Dark and musty, the room is stacked with memories. German roaches have laid eggs on the blue blanket and there is a perpetual smell of dampness. 659 more words

Short Story

Hands Upon



a cave without walls,

a grip without a hand,

a wound without blood,

a tomb full of time,

a childless cradle,

a godless shrine.

Like your hand

upon mine.

The 10 Shrines of Tokyo (A goodbye to Japan)

A friend of mine in Japan told me about the Tokyo Jissha, the ten shrines of Tokyo, a couple weeks before I left. In 1868, at the time of the Meiji Restoration when Tokyo became Japan’s capital, Emperor Meiji chose ten Shinto shrines scattered throughout the city to be the sanctuaries for the new capital. 738 more words


The drive to Eghlid from Kahran was rather nice…

There isn’t much in Eghlid, a small Iranian town. It was an evening stopover, but offered enough sights to interest for a few hours, including a surprising amount of street art. 58 more words