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Japan Week 1: Osaka

After an eventful journey from Qingdao to Osaka, I was finally in Japan. I had quite high expectations and I can’t say I’ve been disappointed so far. 411 more words


Washington D.C. Builds A Memorial To Honor The Security Robot Who Drowned Itself In A Fountain

Remember that mall robot who was viciously attacked by a drunk man earlier this year? Not too long after repairs, the little guy was put back to work doing security at an office building. 130 more words



This is an interesting and different part of Tokyo but also becoming highly touristic. This small area in the north of Tokyo (from Shinjuku, direct with either metro or train, stop in Nippori) that was not bombarded during WWII and therefore still enjoys low wooden houses and a lot of shrines. 58 more words


WPC: Trees

A 350 year old bonsai tree at the Meiji-Jingu in Tokyo, Japan

One of the trees at the Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen-Jinja (on the bottom of Mount Fuji) that is over 2,000 years old… 6 more words


Oki Islands Part 2/3 – Nishinoshima, Day 1

The following day, I headed out on the first boat to Nishinoshima, this time the fast “Rainbow Jet” that only took 30 mins, as I was still feeling a little woozy from the slow rocking of the ferry the day before. 540 more words


My first shrine visit

I have officially been in Japan two weeks. And what a two weeks! I have mostly been busy with training for my job and generally trying to survive in a foreign country with next to no Japanese skills. 187 more words


Kin Kannonji (temple) & Awamori Cave

In Kin town 金武町 (Northern part of Okinawa), there is a temple and limestone cave where a shrine is located as well as bottles of… 367 more words