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Sapporo Shrines Trip 1

Last month, we had a holiday and one of my friends invited me to go around visiting some shrines together. In the end, we ended up visiting six or seven different shrines (depending on how you count) all around Sapporo. 1,023 more words


Off in the mountains

After our last night in the Capsule hotel and little sleep we got up early. Why stay there when there is nowhere to eat and we have been awake since 5am anyway. 596 more words



Rí chọn Nikko để sạc lại năng lượng trước khi phải trải qua 10 ngày hội nghị ở Tokyo xô bồ. Nikko là thành phố nhỏ nằm ở quận Tochigi – phía Bắc tỉnh Kanto, cách Tokyo 1.5 giờ đi tàu. 2,401 more words


Fushimi Inari-Taisha 

Didn’t really sleep all that well last night. Had some bizarre dreams, and when that happens I wake up often. There was also a dog (or some kind of yapping animal) outside my window…So I ended up officially getting out of bed at 6:00am. 477 more words

Fun with friends

In Cambodia we went on a jungle hike. Some of you probably remember the snake story, what an adventure! Our group was a lovely mix and there we met Kathi and Max. 263 more words


If you’re going to worship your cat, you may as well make him a cardboard box Shinto shrine

Simple craft project lets you tell your cat, in no uncertain terms, that he exists on a higher plane than you do. 375 more words