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Midnight Musings and Oyama Jinja

It’s 00:51. My alarm goes off in less than 5 hours; and guess who can’t sleep…

So, blog post it is:

I’ve spent over a month in Kanazawa, Japan, and it still doesn’t feel real. 215 more words


In Which I make Woodblock Prints

Thursday –September 14, 2017

As most days do, Thursday started with food:

That thing on the top, that’s some kind of hot dog-onion-cheesy-bean-pizza.

Breakfast pizza. … 913 more words

Japan 2017 Day Twelve: Takayama

We woke up early so we could visit the Miyagawa morning market. This is a daily market, set alongside the river, where the locals sell their goods. 956 more words

In Search of the Higurashi

Some moments stay with you a long time, imprinted on your memory, hardwired into your psyche.  I once cycled from the UK to Japan, eight intense months of sensory overload that have forged a unique place in my consciousness, molding my hopes, and perhaps my fears. 714 more words

Day Rides

Zen after Zen after Zen

Wednesday — September 13, 2017

Wednesday, AKA the day of many temples and shrines.

Many temples and shrines.

Like, a lot.
Okay, so here is my Wednesday: 540 more words

Kinchakuda Red Spider Lily Festival, Saitama Prefecture

Every year, from mid-September to mid-October, a park in Koma, Saitama Prefecture turns vivid red when approximately 500,000 red spider lilies spring up from the ground in a forested area cris-crossed by walking paths. 506 more words


Sumiyoshi Shrine in Tsukuda, the canal city

Tsukudajima is surrounded by the Sumida River and its branch and there are canals in the island and nearby.  Here is the map of the area – this is Bing Map and is partly written in English.   364 more words