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First Bealtaine at Our New Home

For the last decade or so, my Bealtaine celebrations have been punctuated by an explosion of green. Every year, I dance the Maypole, all the while taking note of the leaves finally reaching out in praise of sun and rain. 505 more words


Japan Part II: Kyoto

I’m back to share Japan Part II! After posting Japan Part I earlier this year we booked a ski trip to Europe without ever having skied before. 252 more words


The Really Big Tree

When we first moved to Japan our niece used to pick me up on her day off and we’d have an adventure. 54 more words


Sushi, Sumo & Such (Japan 2018)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a baby on a fourteen-hour flight? To be the holder of the screaming child that drives everyone else on the plane nuts?  14,973 more words


Things to do in Tokyo

Recently, a friend with an upcoming trip to Tokyo reached out to me for itinerary suggestions. I was more than happy to oblige because Tokyo is one of my favorite places to explore. 1,051 more words


くis for Kuzuharaoka Jinja

Kuzuharaoka Jinja (sometimes referred to as Kuzuharagaoka Shrine) owes its existence to the execution of Hino Toshimoto, a scholar famed for his poetry.

Hino, a court official loyal to Emperor Go-Daigo, was twice caught plotting to overthrow the Kamakura Shogunate. 254 more words

Photo A Day

Progress on the new room

So I’ve been redoing my bedroom for the past idk how long. It’s been a slower process this time than the last time I did this, mostly bc I am broke and it takes a long time to save when you are broke. 415 more words