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Waiting for You

I have waited for you
my whole life
In the dark secret places
And in the multitudes of everyone
and at places where I was sure… 57 more words


Police respond to explosion, suspected bombing at Yasukuni Shrine in central Tokyo

Bomb disposal unit finds remnants of suspected incendiary device at shrine for Japanese war dead in Chiyoda Ward. 560 more words


Fox God

Small fox figurines are a dime a dozen in Kamakura, thanks to Yoritomo Minamoto’s dedication to Oinari san, a god who takes on the appearance of a fox (more on that another day). 7 more words

Photo A Day

Meiji-Jingu and Yoyogi Park

In the vicinity of Shibuya, near the Harajuku station, there is a Shinto shrine called Meiji-Jingu, or the Meiji Shrine.  Meiji-Jingu is dedicated to Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shōken.  492 more words


Dream Sequence 1

Sometimes I dream of strange exotic lands, far from any place I’ve ever seen before. My latest tryst was in some Buddhist land where the mountaintops were close. 368 more words


The Arch-Rebel's Oak

Escape to Norfolk and Kett’s Oak: January 2012

My Mother’s complex illnesses over many years and her more serious conditions of the previous twelve months meant that we had not had a proper holiday for over a year. 181 more words


Shrines on display

“The boxes I make can one best describe as little shrines. This hobby originates from different interesses. In my childhood I liked to make fairy tale like ‘show boxes’. 46 more words

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