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Kitties keeping the gods company: Check out these photos of cats in Japanese shrines!

A few weeks ago, we found out that some cats had started taking over shrines in Thailand. While that might make our furry friends seem extremely impious, it’s also exactly the kind of hubris that we suspect cats particularly delight in. 497 more words



The Canadian indie electronic duo, “Purity Ring,” released their debut album, “Shrines,” back in 2012 and received general praise, myself included.  While it might not have been as fantastic as some say, I really admired their approach to the genre, which blended shimmering synthesizers and dark rhythms that matched the equally eerie yet whimsical lyrics.   469 more words

Kimono Rental in Tokyo

There are several places for Kimono or Yukata rental around Asakusa (浅草), a district in Tokyo, famous for the Senso-ji, a Buddhist temple dedicated to the bodhisattva Kannon. 370 more words


Village Grandmothers Return to Pray at Desecrated Sulsaemit Shrine

Sulsaemit shrine has been thoroughly cleaned by Jeju locals and expats, an event organized by the new activist group theSenjari Rangers’. Last night, on the traditional ceremonial date, January 7th by the lunar calendar, at least one elderly worshipper attended the shrine and left an offering to the village’s tutelary gods, Grandmother… 225 more words

Jeju Island

My first blasphemy

It wasn’t a very large room but it was airy. Flower patterned walls with too many holes- or maybe those were not walls but just huge windows- from floor to the roof. 500 more words