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The Gifting God Dream

I was walking around in an inflatable penis costume at our work party leaving do. For some reason the suit had boobs and chest hair, but I’d done my makeup all pretty so I pulled it off. 869 more words

Creative Writing

Enoshima: Dragons and Goddesses

This is the “island” of Enoshima, southwest of Yokohama and Tokyo. I say “island” because there is a wide road and bridge that cover the narrow strip of sea between the island and the coast. 987 more words


Nevermore (Somerset Studio)

Hello Everyone
Halloween and I were not a natural fit, it took me some time as a stamper before I felt comfortable with Halloween, it was Oxford Impressions stamps which opened my mind and it is because of Oxford Impressions that I have a considerable amount of Halloween related stamps! 161 more words

In Which I Gush Over My Beloved Pagan Community

In my last post, I briefly mentioned that the ADF group I founded a few years ago grew into an official Grove.  I’m so proud of my grovies.   787 more words


Field Report: Myth and history at Izumo, Japan (06 July 2015)

Although the long ride from Tōkyō to Shimane Prefecture on one of Japan’s last sleeper trains was almost an attraction in itself, that epic journey was but a means to an end. 901 more words


This blog post is brought to you by the letter K....Kochi....Kyoto....Kobe


Kochi is a small city, not particularly impressive by any standards in size or beauty. This urban area is tucked away behind a cluster of mountains lining the coastline. 2,555 more words

Kyoto - Temples, Temples and Temples

In my opinion, one cannot visit Japan and not visit the Kansai region. It is the cultural and historical hub of Japan, which includes prefectures like Kyoto, Nara, Osaka and towns like Uji. 1,061 more words