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Japanese artist stumbles upon stunning scenic site at hidden shrine outside of Tokyo

The secluded site is enthralling people across Japan with its mysterious and untamed beauty. 403 more words


trekking Japan

The most other-wordly trip I have ever embarked upon is a self-guided hike through the ancient pilgrimage routes of Japan. These paths exist in the mountains and you come across ancient Buddhist shrines as well as more modern but distinctly memorable holy places, such as this cemetery. 18 more words

It’s difficult to visit Japan without tripping over at least a dozen shrines and temples.  While most of the Japanese population wouldn’t consider themselves particularly religious, many practice the standard rituals of visiting shrines, saying a prayer, and drawing fortunes.   63 more words


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It's hard to visit Japan without visiting at least a few shrines, but they're all so different and uniquely beautiful that it's also hard to get bored doing so!

Deformation of Chaitya

Chaitya is the Buddhist shrines, a prominent feature throughout the Buddhist world from past to present. Many chaityas were made throughout the Kathmandu valley during past 1500 years. 98 more words

Kathmandu University

Shinto and ancient Japanese tales (01)

Japan’s a country with a rich and versatile culture, anything known to be Japanese is known to have its own distinctive feel, from cuisine, to architecture, to technology, to simple kindergarten crafts; and religion’s no different. 563 more words


Africa's Traditional worship centres. (picAfrica)

​picture showing the Ekpe shrine, in West Africa. Taken by Chris Sam

The traditional beliefs and practices of African people include various traditional religions. Generally, these traditions are oral rather than scriptural, include belief in a supreme creator, belief in spirits, veneration of ancestors, use of magic, and traditional medicine. 393 more words


Saint Helena, Empress and Stablemaid

Today is the feast day of Saint Helena, the mother of Constantine and the discoverer of the True Cross.  Saint Ambrose called Helena a bona stabularia, a good stablemaid, in line with the tradition that she had humble origins. 178 more words