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Destination: Kyoto

Quiet Contemplation in Kyoto

Lose yourself among serene temples, enchanting gardens, and colorful shrines. Take a walk through the burning splendor of autumn in Kyoto. 508 more words


Do you have an altar, shrine or sacred space?

I do have an altar but it’s not a worshiping at altar, more somewhere I leave some of the objects and tools that are important to me. 191 more words


Setsubun, and a Budding Modeling Career?

The sleepy struggle of January has finally ended and February has begun in Shimada with warmer temperatures, more sunlight, and a new burst of energy from yours truly. 945 more words

Living Abroad

Varanasi's Unofficial Color

VARANASI, India — Though I hadn’t heard of Varanasi having an official color, there were enough displays of a brilliant deep orange to make me suspect there was a definite  preference. 208 more words


Beware of Swimming in the Ocean

by Michele Latham

I made gifts for my children for Nativity this year.  Altoid tins, paper icons, paint, embellishments and lots of glue. Voilà! A miniature shrine for each patron saint. 454 more words

Faith And Love

Goryo Shrine, Kyoto (Kami Goryo Jinja/上御霊神社)

In May 2015, we were staying in a machiya in the East of Kyoto and were thinking of things we hadn’t done in Kyoto before. My husband has long wanted to visit a flea market at a temple. 1,248 more words