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How to: Fix Shrunken Clothes

Is anyone else sometimes terrified to wash their favorite clothes just in case they shrink?! I’ve heard the story one too many times: “My husband tried to be helpful by doing the laundry but he laundered my shirt that was hand wash only!” Finally, I’ve found a cure all for this common disaster. 84 more words

How To

Superpower part 2.

As it turned out, it was much easier than she had thought. After a few terrifying tests, she found that she could jump all the way to the top of her desk and survive the fall with no problem. 647 more words


Every day, it was the same. A new power, a new way to go through life. But it was never perfect. It comes with a bit of a price. 580 more words


Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lily, Corey Stoll
Directed by Peyton Reed
Rating: B+

You’re probably going to feel bad about all of the ants you’ve squished, stomped, and flattened after you’re done with  305 more words

Movie Reviews

Season Two, Episode Three

Gideon had another…episode…last night. I don’t know if “episode” is the right word. It’s something like a down-swing from hypomania. We’ve been tossing around different words for it, like “cryptic,” “zombie-mode,” or, “that fucking asshole I did not agree to date.” Relationship-wise, it’s the lowest we’re capable of sinking, or, of drowning each other. 518 more words


Cotton Fabric Prep: Salt and Vinegar Brine

Hello my sunshine butterflies!!!

Today I am going to talk about prepping your cotton fabric for a sewing project.

So as we all know cotton shrinks…we all hate it when your favorite shirt gets put in the dryer by accident and now it doesn’t fit. 493 more words


It's Around Here Somewhere

The mirror clearly said msispilos
so I took it and smashed it repeatedly,
vehemently before shocked onlookers
until all I had left was a single splinter… 14 more words