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Progress - Updated weekly to reflect the changes

Here i am going to post my progress. I will update this once a week just to show progress of what has changed. Each saturday i weigh in first thing in the morning and take my measurements. 34 more words

So what I was going to talk about yesterday, but didn't

So I’m super excited with being able to get gastric bypass surgery. Is there is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am truly blessed that I’m going to have this tool to help me get the weight off. 313 more words

Giant Sinkholes Along the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, famous for salty water (almost 10 times as salty as the ocean), and for having the lowest elevation on Earth at 1,407 feet (429 meters) below sea level, is shrinking. 74 more words



In the fridge lays a cabbage
Not tempting
Not eaten
Not wanted at all
Not touched in months
Quietly forgotten
Starting to rotten
Not to be replaced… 27 more words

Miniature Paintings

As I grew up
I taught myself to shrink
It was a game to me
‘How small can I get today?’
Now, permanently shrunk
I wonder if I’m like a miniature painting… 73 more words


Shrinking Planet

By Nadia Drake

Mercury is more than just a dead, roasted chunk of rock. In fact, the solar system’s smallest planet is proving to be surprisingly lively. 957 more words


growing old

Her grasshopper skin fell about her in a brittle mourning wreath. Her eyes glazed with memories of the sixty years that had passed, burning with dreams of the twenty that beckoned temptingly by. 68 more words

Growing Up