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It's Around Here Somewhere

The mirror clearly said msispilos
so I took it and smashed it repeatedly,
vehemently before shocked onlookers
until all I had left was a single splinter… 14 more words


Letters of Saint Jerome

“It is your pleasure to take a bath everyday; another man thinks such refinement rubbish. You belch after a meal of wild duck and boast of the sturgeon you devour; I fill my belly with beans.

153 more words

Good news and in need of inspiration!

So I had a one month check up with my family Dr. She had sent me for some bloodwork to see how I was doing and she was so excited to see me when it was my turn! 371 more words

Surface Area

It’s the same old thing. Every part of my body hurts everywhere, almost all the time, and I can’t make it hurt less, but maybe if I decrease the surface area, it won’t hurt in as many places. 296 more words


Are we there yet?

If you are looking for those amazing before and after weight loss pictures, you are out of luck here.  We are two sisters just starting our weight loss and fitness journey.  107 more words


I’m Getting Smaller And Nobody Can Figure Out Why (Part 4)

It took a while to get over the fact that, to a certain extent, my secret was out. My parents refused to leave, despite my urging them to go away. 2,096 more words

Girl on fire

My father once told me
I was “too aggressive”
And that no man could handle me
As if I was a mug
That needed picking up… 284 more words