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Beat the Bump - wrap shrug

Ok, this one is cheating slightly but I wanted to get it done before Baby so I’m counting it.

Again, I’m not completely happy with it but I think it’s just the nature of the top so there’s not a lot I can do about it. 69 more words


Snug as a bug in a shrug.

Hello all. Today I am feeling very pleased with myself as I made one of these shrugs and it all came out right the first time 🙌 182 more words


It's Done. Finally.

My shrug is finally done. Yes, it’s finished. After several months of work, I have finally finished it. I even did the lace, although I used a different pattern than the one suggested. 80 more words

Just keep frogging, just keep frogging...

Lace… Argh.

I frogged it again. and have restarted but with a different lace pattern, worked horizontally. I’m already at the 14th repeat of this one, so hopefully I will be able to finish it in  couple of days. 22 more words

So many stitches

Well, I have finished the main body of my shrug, sleeves and all! No, I’m working on the lace edging around the front. And boy is it taking a while. 49 more words

Happy White Rabbits!

Happy White Rabbits to everybody!

I finished the back piece on the shrug yesterday, and started the left side, of which I only have two more inches to go. 44 more words


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