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Shruti Morning

I stretch for you, warming up my body, aligning into the yoga of perceptual existence. My muscles concentrate to hold me and to protect my bones. 170 more words

The Shruti Box

Finding Myself in Her

Before experiencing,
I only touch.
Her voice travels up my arm.
My name sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard before.
“I am who you’ve been looking for,” 1,790 more words

The Shruti Box

No Legal Notice says Shruti Haasan!

Actress Shruti Haasan who shot to fame with Soham Shah’s Luck, has been under the spotlight for allegedly having received a legal notice be served to her. 84 more words

What's Happenin'

Akshara Hassan at GIMA Awards 2015

Seems like a high school kid who doesn’t know what to wear! The neckpiece doesnt match the dress which also doesn’t match the bangles or the shoes. 57 more words

In conversation with the U-Turn Queen- RJ Shruti

After getting success and a high rated show “U-Turn”, no doubt RJ Shruti, is a well known voice of Lucknow. From a small city little bit distant from Sonbhadra to Lucknow,her journey of becoming Radio Jockey was not less than a roller costar ride. 997 more words


Subhashita - 19.01.2015

श्रुतिः शिथिलतां गता स्मृतिरपि प्रनाष्टाधुना गतिर्विषयमागता विगलिता द्विजानां ततिः |

गवामपि च संहतिः समुचितक्रियातश्च्युता कृता नु जरया तया कलियुगस्य साधर्म्यता ||

shruti shithilataam gataa smrutirapi pranaaShTaadhunaa gatirviShayamaagataa vigalitaa dvijaanaam tatih l… 208 more words