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वळता कूस, उघडले डोळे, मध्यरात्रीचे पडले टोल
किर् किर् वाजत दार उघडले, त्याच्या कानी आले बोल,
“बायका पोरं निजू दे, निघूया तू आणि मी ताबडतोब;



टवटवीत मोगरा अन् शेवंतीची फुले

शिळोप्याच्या गप्पांमधे काळवेळ भूले

“आज इकडे कुठे?” केला शेवंतीने सवाल,

मोगरा हसला मंद, झाले गर्दगडद गाल

“नेहमी तुझा मान, पण दिवस आजचा न्यारा …


​Deja vu..

“10 on 10!!” He mentally announced to himself as she walked in the door. He had decided on a one night stand rather abruptly, but looking at her, he felt ecstatic that he did. 477 more words


Shruti out Disha in

Sangamitra is a big budget film with a budget of Rs. 300 crore. The film was signed by Sundar C. Jayam Ravi and Arya became the actress. 23 more words


Why actresses avoid movie promotions?

They earn salaries to act in the film. Audio Release, Preset, and Promotion Events have recently been made by the producers and become income hubs. In the meanwhile, the actresses complain that they do not want to participate in promotions without getting paid for that event separately. 46 more words


A Debutant Masterpiece – White Noise

For a long time, I was looking for a book that is a short romantic thriller,  which is just a pure fiction, with a twist different than most of the romance available today. 504 more words