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The Conversation did play an important role in my life. She was in U.S. doing internship and I was in hostel surrounded by boozing friends. Thanks to… 558 more words


Filmdukes Wishes Upcoming Model Shruti Tripathi A Very Happy New Beginning on Turning 20

How does a model struggle in this Industry?

By attending auditions, applying makeup and flirting with film-makers. True or not, but this is what comes to mind but in the case of Shruti it was completely different. 397 more words


Cricket in India

If you flip the pages of any newspaper and have a glance at the sports section or you are surfing the news channels and you come across a special show for sports, you shall notice that around ninety three per cent constituent of the news material is about cricket or is related to cricket. 884 more words



Forest Mute had no idea that his revolutionary invention of the “mute” button will have such a great impact in an alien nation where the citizens will be so influenced that they shall adopt this feature in their daily life as an inseparable part of their human nature. 849 more words


Feminism…Is It?

Several posts, articles and tweets flooded me with the blooming ideology of feminism. Well, I can sense raised eyebrows and confused minds upon my usage of the term “blooming” about the entire concept of feminism but I have a strong reason for the same. 844 more words


India is beautiful…Indians?

From the qualifiers of beauty pageants to the celebrity or common parts of reality shows- they have it in their promises; from the kids of primary schools to the journals by professionals – they have it in their essays; from the mannequins of branded saffron, apparently religious costumes to the personas in white who fling their arms while addressing the crowd-they have it in their speeches; what is it which is talked about in almost all the sectors of this society yet everyone is aware of its absence , my friend it’s all about BEAUTY. 1,121 more words


No Legal Notice says Shruti Haasan!

Actress Shruti Haasan who shot to fame with Soham Shah’s Luck, has been under the spotlight for allegedly having received a legal notice be served to her. 84 more words

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