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A Fun Wedding Session With Shu Qi and Stephen Fung

A-Lister Shu Qi is finally off the market and had settle down with her long time friend to boyfriend and now husband, Stephen Fung. A union for a life time should be celebrated with fun and happy mood wedding photos.They released their wedding photos proving to the whole world that they are in it for the long haul. 

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shu qi + stephen fung are married!!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHH. So happy to hear the news. Love Shu Qi to bits and I’m beyond the moon that she has finally found permanent bliss with actor-director Stephen Fung and they have released the cutest wedding photos. 71 more words


My Best Friend's Wedding (我最好朋友的婚礼, Chen Feihong, 2016)

Chinese cinema screens are no stranger to the event movie, and so a Chinese remake of the much loved 1997 Hollywood rom-com My Best Friend’s Wedding (我最好朋友的婚礼, Wǒ Zuì Hǎo Péngyǒu de Hūnlǐ) arrives right on time for Chinese Valentine’s Day. 924 more words

[Anticipation Post] My Best Friend's Wedding with Victoria, Feng Shaofeng

Wether it is your best friend or your soon to be wife, neither can say no to the very charming Feng Shaofeng. Are you ready? The movie will be released for Chinese Valentine’s Day! 91 more words


[Part 2] Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin's Wedding Ceremony

Finally! These sweeties tied the knot! And woah, so many gorgeous people attended!…Bali is definitely on my bucket list of places to visit!! 71 more words

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[Part 1] Wedding for Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin

We are making a two part posts for the amazing and unexpected wedding of Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin! I say unexpected because they went public barely a month ago and now, we have one of the most celebrities packed event of the year. 187 more words

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Breaking News: Pre-Wedding Photos of Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin

Just a quickie, Wallace and Ruby’s pre-wedding party photos are floating on the net now! I’m so happy I get to see them! Well, me and all his fans! 87 more words