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Indy Hack – the tools of a "journalist"

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“IndyHack” runs the site arebuddhistsracist.com. The site obviously aims to denounce and slander anybody correcting the false allegations, spins and exaggerations of… 1,050 more words

New Kadampa Tradition

Shugden Protests During The Dalai Lama Australia Tour: The Dalai Lama, A Profaning, Nazi-Loving Muslim Dictator?

The final point he makes is that the Dalai Lama is often accused by the pro-Shugden side as suppressing freedom of religion. “This accusation makes no sense,” states Dr Hill.

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Why do Buddhists – especially but not exclusively 'Kadampa Buddhists' – fear enlightenment?

Recently a monastic elder from Switzerland pointed out an article from the New York Times that was reprinted in an Indian newspaper, the Deccan Herald. Omri Boehm, an Israeli, criticizes in… 2,837 more words


The Buddhists Who Hate the Dalai Lama More Than the Chinese Do

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Dorje Shugden is an obscure trickster spirit, believed to have originated in the Tibetan capital, Lhasa, in the 17th century. And though the spirit’s followers in the Western world probably number only a few thousand, they’ve been surprisingly successful at generating attention for themselves and their campaign to discredit the Dalai Lama.

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So 'white Buddhists' are to blame for the Shugden cult now?

After reading graduate student, Ben Joffe’s recent Tricycle blog on Shugden, am seriously beginning to wonder if the Tibetology department at the University of Colorado is a breeding ground for pseudo intellectual, post colonial nonsense of the worst kind. 470 more words


Update Dec 3, 2014

@IndyHack who harasses, defames and harms under the guise of human rights rhetoric on Twitter and on his “arebuddhistsracist.com” site the Dalai Lama, scholars, Buddhist monks and the Tibetans – including Tibetan Shugden practitioners: 81 more words

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