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Shugo Chara Series Review


Amu is an ordinary girl but her classmates see her as having a cool and spicy personality. She just wants to be cute and normal and find the courage to confess to the Prince of the school, Tadase. 1,413 more words

Reasons Why Anime Is Not For Kids

It’s widely believed by the uninitiated public that anime is for kids.

If you enjoy anime, you likely ran into a person that declared to your very face “anime is for kids”, but is that truly the case? 712 more words

General Assessments

Top 10 Anime That Have Pedophiles In Them

A lot of anime viewers like watching anime they can relate to, thus here are the top 10 anime series with pedophiles in them.

Ever heard of the term “you are what you eat”? 1,390 more words

General Assessments

Tuesday's Top 5: Female Characters with Blonde Hair

This was a seriously hard list to narrow down and even then I’m still torn over some of the decisions. The issue is unlike with… 739 more words

What women want: a shojo manga study?

What do women really want? It’s an immortal question, a collective imagining of womankind as one intricate, deceptive puzzle box. Manga expert Midori Makita turned to shojo to uncover the answer to this question, through statistics, in his dojinshi with a big difference ‘Ren’ai Tokei’ (‘The Statistics of Romance’). 742 more words

Sailor Moon

December's Transformations (2009)

In the previous exhibition, I showed off the newest incarnations of the Months for the year 2009, just as they were about to be left behind. 327 more words

Creative Work

Book Recommendations Manga #1

Shugo Chara! by Peach-Pit

As a voracious consumer of manga, it takes a very special work to get on my list of immediate recommendations. But nothing breaks out of its frilly pink coating better than… 223 more words

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