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Tuesday's Top 5: Female Characters with Blonde Hair

This was a seriously hard list to narrow down and even then I’m still torn over some of the decisions. The issue is unlike with… 739 more words

What women want: a shojo manga study?

What do women really want? It’s an immortal question, a collective imagining of womankind as one intricate, deceptive puzzle box. Manga expert Midori Makita turned to shojo to uncover the answer to this question, through statistics, in his dojinshi with a big difference ‘Ren’ai Tokei’ (‘The Statistics of Romance’). 742 more words

Sailor Moon

December's Transformations (2009)

In the previous exhibition, I showed off the newest incarnations of the Months for the year 2009, just as they were about to be left behind. 327 more words

Creative Work

Book Recommendations Manga #1

Shugo Chara! by Peach-Pit

As a voracious consumer of manga, it takes a very special work to get on my list of immediate recommendations. But nothing breaks out of its frilly pink coating better than… 223 more words

Arrow McRoberts

Event: Hyper Japan festival pulls a 2 in 1 with Peach-Pit

Hyper-Japan will be back at London’s Tobacco Dock from November 25th-26th, so the festival has announced two guests in one to kick off the countdown. It’s the power pair Peach-Pit, creators of  149 more words



Day 29: Anime you wish was real

The anime I wish was real would be Shugo Chara that was one of my favorite anime’s to watch. 225 more words


Update: Tawawa on Monday's 1st episode restored after removal from YouTube

Sword Art Online Progressive mangaka Kiseki Himura has been getting tens of thousands of retweets each on his Twitter-based series ‘Tawawa on Monday’. So a web anime based on the weekly illustrations following the day to day lives of busty girls was produced, with Kosuke Murayama of SHAFT storyboarding and directing. 230 more words