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Du'a, Need and Gratitude

We are always in need of something or other – this is the nature of human beings, of all of creation in fact. There is only One who is self-sufficient, and that is Allah, Al-Ghani. 712 more words

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5 Things I am Grateful For

Salaam everyone!

So, I’m feeling like I have been coming off here as kind of grumpy lately…

There is a lot going on over here, between stressing about the visa, trying to deal with living in a barely functioning country, missing home, preparing for Ramadan, and all manner of other things. 563 more words


Sabr & Shukr

First and foremost – This post is a reminder to myself first before anyone else.

Secondly – I apologise for the fact I haven’t written a post in about 4/5 months – life kind of just happened I guess. 677 more words


Etiquettes of Finishing A Book

From the etiquettes of finishing a book with a Sheikh are:

  • Shukr to Allah
  • To increase in obedience to Allah
  • Depending on the book, sometimes the mashaayikh would have a party!
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Marriage in the Qur'an pt.2 - Rights of Wives: Imam al-Sa'di

In his book of thematic tafsir, sheikh ‘Abd al-Rahman ibn Naasir al-Sa’di dedicated a chapter of his book to the issues related to marriage. This series of articles will present the different sub-divisions of this chapter in order. 1,510 more words


Shukr - Gratitude!

Shukr (gratitude) is one of the most esteemed virtue, not only in my belief, but also all around the globe, in every culture existing.Have you wondered why? 834 more words


What Is Shukr To Allah?

Shukr is being grateful to Allah by thanking Him with the tongue, and admitting one’s blessings by the tongue.

It’s also with love in the heart for the blessings Allah has given and obedience to Allah with the limbs with acts of worship. 63 more words