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Seeking Knowledge Should Increase Your Acts of Worship

Imam Ahmad (rh) mentioned, the more a person learns, the more their Ibaadah should increase as shukr to Allah.

And as one of the people of the past said, the one who is on the path of seeking knowledge is on the paths of Jannah!


Khutbah related to 'Eid al-Adhaa: Imam al-Sa'di

Before his death in the middle of 1376AH (1956CE), sheikh ‘Abd al-Rahman ibn Naasir al-Sa’di had already written drafts of the khutbahs he planned to deliver for each Friday for the remainder of the year. 906 more words


Ramadan Poem 5- Grateful


अपनी ज़िन्दगी पर, यु नशुक्र का गिलाफ न चढ़ा

वह तुझ से ज़्यादा तुझ को जनता है

दे बोसा उसकी रेहमत पर

यु वक़्त के हाथों, उसके आगे मायूसी के पेज न लड़ा

The Deen is Built on Two Foundations: Dhikr and Shukr - Ibn al-Qayyim

al-‘Allaamah ibn al-Qayyim wrote the following beneficial words in his famous work, al-Fawaa’id:

مبنى الدين على قاعدتين: الذكر والشكر، ـ

The deen is built on two foundations: …

784 more words

Forgiveness and Shukr

And let them pardon and let them overlook. (Do) not you like that Allah should forgive you? And Allah (is) Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

Today I would like to rant to you about something we all need a reminder about. 645 more words

Petua Hidup Tenang

Ustaz Dr. Mohd Izhar Ariff share tips to live Happily! :)

Ustaz Dr.Mohd Izhar Ariff – Dr.MIA –

1. Jangan bandingkan hidup kita dengan orang lain. 174 more words

25th Ramadan: Post Asr Majlis

25 attributes of a true Mu’min

22. Being merciful towards creation

If you are soft towards the ones on the earth, the One in the sky will be soft towards you. 1,520 more words