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3 Methods To Overcome Obstacles In Life

Sometimes, instead of deep discussions, we just need simple guidance – especially when we can’t think of any clear solutions.  There are three pieces of advice given in the Qur’an and the hadith on how to overcome obstacles and open doors in life – these methods are straightforward, fool-proof and give us that much needed clarity and direction. 344 more words

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Make Shukr (Say Thank You Oh Allah!)

Make Shukr

by Ummeluqman

Based on my Experience in Jamea

Assalaamu alaikum I  wrote this note as I was I actually missing Jamea  The Madressa that I studied in India In 85-87 , and I miss being a student of Deen and miss being in the company of the Malaaikah and all these pious people I did this  for the sake of AllahTa’ala… 381 more words

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Gratitude: Securing Your Blessings

What secures them (Blessings) is gratitude (shukr), based on three supports: inward recognition of the blessing; outward mention and thanks for it; and its use in a way that pleases the One to whom it truly belongs and who truly bestows it.

Ibn al-Qayyim

Ibn Al-Qayyim

TheRamadhanBaby #7- Shukr

While making Sahur today, i sustained a scalding accident on a small part of my hand. I put it in water then on ice. After several hours it felt better. 238 more words

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Fruits of Fasting

What do we gain from fasting? If you thought the answer was “taqwa,” you are correct–but there are other benefits the Qur’an mentions. This is a translation of Sh. 392 more words

Du'a, Need and Gratitude

We are always in need of something or other – this is the nature of human beings, of all of creation in fact. There is only One who is self-sufficient, and that is Allah, Al-Ghani. 712 more words

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