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This is around our sixth year of homeschooling and it finally feels like we’re hitting our stride.  Although only after lots of trial and error and tailoring.   2,154 more words

Our Curriculum Plan for the 2013-2014 School Year

I wrote this post back in June, but due to vacations and summer events I’m just now getting around to posting it.

Since our children finished kindergarten and second grade I’ve been preparing their curriculum for the upcoming school year.   463 more words


Nerds, unite! (Are you able to parse this interrogative sentence?)

I admit it.  I am a full-blown nerd.  I love Sherlock Holmes, BBC dramas, Jane Austen literature, math jokes, and satire on just about anything.  There are few things that get me as excited though as new, solid curriculum (unless it is sharing my curriculum find with other people.)  And I just spent a good portion of the last day or so with my new Shurley English Grammar and Composition books.  323 more words


Curriculum Confusion

As a homeschooling parent who likes to research things to death, I find it so very difficult to decide which curriculum to use for next year.  540 more words


This Little Noun....

Really.  Is it too early to start teaching a baby English grammar rules?  I am cracking up at myself!  I was trying to lull Baby J to sleep earlier, and I found myself singing the “ 122 more words

Little R

might not be the best idea

bh and i are gonna be teachin’ english. don’t worry, he’ll be doing the written part – handling all the capital letters and such. i’m going to be teaching conversational english. 185 more words

Me Me Me