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It is a common practice among computer users to shut down their computer system after they are done operating it. However, research also tells us that 70% of these users do not normally follow the right steps to turn off their desktop computer and that 90% usually close their laptop using the hibernate or sleep power option instead of shutting it down properly, while 10% just close it abruptly. 338 more words



Remembrance of the good old days.

Mom and me used to play this song game whenever there was a power cut

Her voice is beautiful, I don’t get to hear that version now the one uncut. 210 more words


US blogger releases candid video, admits she went broke after shutting down her celebrity gossip site

US blogger Nicole Betchie releases candid video, admits she went broke after shutting down her celebrity gossip site.

On July, 2, 2015, former celebrity gossip blogger and entrepreneur Necole Kane shut down her popular site NecoleBetchie.com and launched a new site, xoNecole which is centered on telling positive stories about women of color. 357 more words


You Can!

“You can!” end of story.

There might be a hundred people out there to prove that, you’re unattractive

But believe in the one, who calls you beautiful everyday and makes you feel attractive. 162 more words


20 Sept 2016 (TheAge) - ASX flat as index shuts early in day marred by glitches

(20 September 2016, The Age, BusinessDay, p21, Jessica Sier, Vanessa Desloires)

‘It was a frustrating Monday on the ASX as investors confronted a technical glitch that periodically enabled share trading before freezing it again.  86 more words

1.Market Observations


The most important thing is to understand.

The most natural thing is to judge but let’s try and understand

We all are a different soul belonging to a different piece of land. 159 more words



We’re all made of something very powerful to face something really difficult.

Most situations in our life are inescapable

Often they’re so tough that we feel incapable. 130 more words