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MN House Republicans Continue War on Teachers

Doing nothing to adjust the TRA fund now will compound the problems. The future costs will be much higher, and eventually, the People of Minnesota will be saddled with a whooping bill. 189 more words

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WATCH: 'Flat Earther' Confronts NASA Employee And Gets Shut Down

So, everyone knows that there are actual people out there who legitimately believe the Earth is flat. We know those people exist but it’s one of those things where we really can’t believe it until we see it. 50 more words


Jennifer Lopez's security team 'shut down restroom for her to use alone'

Every queen needs a throne and seems this star likes to keep her throne room – even if it is a public one – all to herself. 110 more words

#NHS under Tories can't cope with basics, let alone defend v #NHScyberattack

The mainstream and social media are flooded with talk about the huge cyber-attack on the NHS, with numerous hospitals and even GP surgeries affected, operations cancelled and people told not to attend even A&E except in the most dire circumstances. 652 more words

Rice: 'There Could Be More Homeless On The Streets'

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The City of St. Louis is scheduled to close two temporary shelters for the homeless later this month – but it’s not clear yet where people will sleep. 181 more words



Social media app, WhatsApp, have gone down in various locations, scaring people.

There are reports of shutdown in countries like Nigeria, Mexico, Spain, Chile, Israel, Russia, Ireland, Switzerland, Aruba, Turkey, the US among others. 269 more words