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Common Settings

Now we’ve discussed the Exposure Triangle, and the play between Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO, we’ll look at some common settings used in various types of photographs.  1,065 more words

Amateur Photography

Simplifying SLR camera options in Nature Photography

When I think of Photography I can’t hep but think how easy it actually is. For now, we’ll discuss the SLR (Single Lens Camera). SLR view finders allow one to see what the lens sees, and also allows interchangeable lenses. 494 more words


Shutter Priority (SS)

You’ve been practising with Aperture priority mode, but are finding that action shots like trying to capture your kids playing or your dog running, are blurry.  652 more words

Amateur Photography

Shooting in Shutter Priority Mode

Shutter priority mode, which is often labeled as Tv or S on your digital camera’s dial, is often chosen when the photographer wants to control or highlight movement in an image. 135 more words


Manual vs. Auto - Questions answered

I am not really a teacher, but I think I am qualified to correct several misconceptions.  Many newbies and some experienced at photography, including some of my friends,  believe that if you change your camera settings from AUTO, that you will be shooting manual.  960 more words


Exposure Modes

As promised in my last post on the “correct exposure”, this next post deals with the different “exposure modes” on your camera. You might be in a position where your camera does not feature all of these modes, so if you can’t find one (or more) particular modes on your camera, you might want to check your user manual. 896 more words