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Shooting a Panorama from a Moving Vehicle

I’ve always wanted to take a shot or two from the Carter Langston Bridge which connects Swansboro, North Carolina to Emerald Isle on the Bogue Banks in southeastern North Carolina but I seldom, if ever,  have anyone with me on the trip from the farm;  and driving across a long bridge that takes you some 200 feet in the air requires both hands on the wheel.   364 more words

Automatic Exposure Bracketing

Have you ever been shooting in a situation with lots of variation between bright and darker areas, a situation where you either was forced to underexpose some areas to get picture information in the dark areas, or blow other others to catch information in the dark areas. 983 more words


Olympus Camedia E-20P Digital single lens reflex

The Camedia E-20P digital single lens reflex is a 5Mp camera made by Olympus in late 2001. It is a fixed lens camera, with a fast 9 to 36mm f/2 lens (35 to 140mm in full frame terms), an articulated LCD screen as well as an optical viewfinder, a host of picture taking options and a very solid construction. 1,326 more words