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Sassy cats – Potty habits

Every cat is different. Just like people. Some cats are more “private” than others (just like people).

I never see Hazel in the litter box. Rarely Mollie. 185 more words


Using Play to Bond With Shy Cats

I have been cat sitting for well over a decade now and during this time I have met many cats all with individual personalities. As a rule of thumb, especially for cats I am meeting for the first time, I like to take the “no pressure” approach, which means never forcing contact with a cat that doesn’t want it. 361 more words

Small Cats

How to Pet a Cat

You know how they say that no two snowflakes are alike?  The same goes for cats.  We have four, and woe unto you if you try to approach and, consequently, pet them incorrectly. 1,495 more words

Not Related To Hearing Loss

Day 291: Introducing a New Member/Cat to a Group/Household

This is one of those posts, dear readers, where I try to be clever, with a topic that applies to more than one situation.

As a group therapist, I have some wisdom about effective ways to introduce new members into established groups.  215 more words

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