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Learning About Myself

I was a shy kid who go teased. I had short hair for a long time, played an unpopular sport, and had a funny last name, all of which provided opportunities for others to tease me. 615 more words

I'm An Introvert!

So I had no idea what to write about today but once I got on WordPress there was a lot of blogs that popped up about introverts. 917 more words



She said, “A bad day’s when I lie in bed
And think of things that might have been”

Once upon a time, in a company far far away there was a pretty girl. 537 more words

Social Anxiety


She is silent yet so amazing
Serious in her life and keeps on chasing
Almost impossible to make her smile
Keeps herself busy with her files… 75 more words


Interesting realisation about my life

I know I should be asleep right now, since it’s getting really late, however I wanted to write a few things down before I head off. 556 more words


So there is this guy....

Painfully shy with warm eyes

Sincerity with a sensitive soul

A fallen angel with a damaged wing

Beautiful to me on the inside as on the outside

Simply Life

“My life, my life has got to be like this, it’s got to keep going on.”- (the one and only) Jay Gatsby

Hi friends. I don’t know why I am saying ‘Hi friends’ when I just started this blog today and I most definitely do not have an views or follows.

585 more words