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via Daily Prompt: Congregate

Sometimes I feel faceless and voiceless. I am but a shell of the person that I once was. I am shy and ill at ease in the crowd, I am but a shadow in the shade of your light. 207 more words


Are You a Conversation Killer?

Ever feel like you have nothing interesting to say? Or wonder why anyone would want to talk to you anyway because you’re so boring? When someone asks “What’s new?” you shrug and answer, “Oh, not much,” and the conversation falls to the floor and lies there dying a slow agonizing death. 419 more words

I Feel Your Shy Pain

Big butt, big insecurities?

I’ve always had a big butt, adults will see my butt and would exclaim at how an “omo kekere”(small child) like me had that kind of butt. 403 more words


Why I talk less..

I prefer to talk less cause the truth might sometimes hurt someone..

I prefer to talk less cause I believe my thoughts are more expensive.. 38 more words


How Far Can an Introvert Blogger Travel?

There are many who will never understand why it is so important for an introvert to spend some time alone.
They wrongly assume that introverts are shy when it comes to socialising simply because they often choose to avoid it. 335 more words


Calling All Introverts

I am an introvert.  Shy from day one.  An 8th grade report card said I was an “enigma” – which I had to look up  (not  a compliment).  386 more words

Socially awkward in a world of sociables

“Pick up my phone and tell them I’m not available”, is a regular instruction given by me to my sister, each time the hysteria of seeing an unknown number on my phone screen engulfs me. 481 more words