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This Is What It Feels Like To Be The Shy Girl

You’ll feel embarrassed, because other people don’t have a problem pointing out that you’re shy. They’ll say sarcastic things like, “Wow, stop talking so much, why won’t you shut up?” Some people do it to make fun of you. 502 more words

Because I'm Shy...

Thank you.
Thank you for making an active effort to maintain a relationship with me.
Thank you for sticking around for as long as it took for me to feel comfortable around you and reciprocate. 33 more words



I am a shy person. I love having some alone time. I’m the type of person that could literally survive being capsuled inside my bedroom all week with nothing but a book, my phone (with WiFi, of course) and food. 427 more words


Just Another Shy Immigrant Writer

I was always shy and writing was the only way I knew how to really communicate my feelings. I remember for my elementary speech fest, my  teacher took pity on me and allowed me to do my presentation with the lights off  and my classmates had to put their heads down on their desks so there wouldn’t be any eye contact. 267 more words


I Don't Cry Much Anymore

My womanhood thus far has been roses and scorn,

full of the trials of not-texting-back and

the chalky taste of multivitamins and not fitting in. 142 more words

Hello. Here's Why I'm Starting This...

Hi there.

If anyone actually sees this, welcome to my blog!

I’m not expecting a lot of reads or anything, but I thought I could use a place to put some of my thoughts. 108 more words