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Confessions of an Introvert

This may sound like a rant and maybe it is. I want to talk about being an introvert. What’s it’s like to prefer your own company or the select company of few. 372 more words

The Grand Face Reveal

Hey everyone!

I have been going back and forth for a few months thinking “should I do a face reveal?”. I know that it might not seem like a huge deal to anyone, but in my case it is. 74 more words


Odyssey article #10

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“I grew up in one day and proceeded to lose any sense of dignity or privacy, and I did it all while under the spell of a hypnotist who convinced me it would be good to let everyone know what I was doing, what I thought and which Jonas Brother was the cutest (Joe, obviously).”



Is Shyness Holding You Back? - Mindful

Why let shyness hold you back from living a full life?  It doesn’t have to…check out this inspiring article by Steve Flowers, family therapist,via Is Shyness Holding You Back? 21 more words


This is for the ones that aren't "normal"

If you’ve been labelled as the black sheep of the family, or the deviant youth, or good for nothing, emotional, depressed, queer/crazy
The introverts and shy Kings and Queens… 1,999 more words

Diary Of An Indigo

Video: IWO NI By SHY

Nigeria and UK base Artist Shy, official video called “IWO NI”


Describe Yourself.

If there’s one question that I don’t like being asked during job (or other) interviews, it’s the one that has the phrase “describe yourself” in there somewhere. 1,047 more words