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Part one 

Like every other being on this universe, I had my own stages of transition. Initially I was this timid, nerdy girl from junior school, an introvert and a total failure at making conversations with boys. 198 more words


waiting in a queue

standing beside you,
I echo inside like two.
and to talk to you,
in my mind that I do;
is far better than to,
say something new.



I sat up in cold sweat trying to remember what was it that made me so anxious. The dream I had was not memorable but the details of cold hands grasping my wrist was undeniable. 144 more words


I hate being shy.

I do. I despise my shyness. In fact, if there’s one thing I cannot stand about myself, and that I wish I could change, it’s my blatant, persistent, ever-so-limiting shyness. 824 more words


Embrace who YOU are...

Today’s internet gives us access to information from all sorts of places. From the personal blog page (like mine) to the more professional websites providing advice to individuals everywhere about topics such as; being your true self. 1,169 more words

I can. speak

Was I ever in control- wwas I ever in control
when my mouth slips and slurs
when my brain forgets the words
despite my heart knowing exactly which grain of sand… 270 more words


the silent one in the back

What is the definition of life
Are we all the same on the inside
Are the monsters real
or is it just what I think… 56 more words