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Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

The perspective of faith says that if God is all good, how could He allow something bad to happen to people? This can lead to the spiritual challenge that how could God have let X happen, he must not be there or may not love me or I can’t have faith in Him anymore. 400 more words


Ashling's September Monthly Challenge: Kiss

There he was leaning against a stair rail, not paying any particular attention to the world and casually smoking the last bit of his cigarette. 216 more words

Ashling's Monthly Challenge

The End of Summer

In just one day It felt like summer had gone yesterday. A cold and wet Monday and the last public holiday before Christmas.The end of August and the end of summer. 208 more words

Social Anxiety


Have you ever had so much to say
But didn’t feel like speaking
‘Cause the whole world is a stranger
And you’d rather be sleeping… 94 more words


Upcoming or severely underrated bands

Another playlist, but this time it is all about showcasing new artists, I haven’t got the biggest following on this blog, but even another few views would help out these people. 674 more words


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3 Ways To Be Charmingly Introverted

If there’s one thing that prevents people from being charming, it’s this deadly phrase: “I’m introverted, and I don’t really like talking to people.”

I’ve found over and over again that being ‘introverted’ is a poor excuse for not liking to socialize. 742 more words