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Having Both Extroverted And Introverted Traits Makes You More Successful

Originally written by John Haltiwanger via Just The Way You Are

I saw a friend on the subway this morning, but intentionally avoided him so he wouldn’t see me (sorry, dude). 1,239 more words


The shy guy who

And I am that shy guy.
The metro was riding slow and sounded like it could break down at any second. She held a tight grip on one of the rubber handles so she wouldn’t lose her balance. 382 more words

Niels Somers

Teacher & Student

I’m not going to lie. This was probably spawned by some fantasy I had a couple years ago… All the time. I feel no shame!


Alice in wonderland?

High school has been over for about two months already. The question that has constantly been on my mind for the past few days, weeks, months has been “What now?”.   278 more words

My Words Are Valid

It’s an interesting thing being someone very quiet as a Christian. Even in church, I felt (and, I’ll admit, sometimes do still feel) invisible for a while. 1,079 more words


A Scene in the Library: A Poem

I see you again, sitting alone.
Everyday you’re always on your own.
A book in front, a pen on one hand,
Your thoughts are in a far away land. 62 more words


Hello everyone, happy Friday!

This may seem like a strange thing to post on my favorite things. But throughout my life I have had some hardships that have identified and solidified the idea that even though I am a relatively shy person, I love and need human interaction more than I ever realized. 722 more words