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Why do social anxiety and depression often go together? (Part 2)

  1. Avoidance:If you avoid a wide variety of social situations, your life becomes more and more restrictive, and depression can follow. Most likely, as you begin to address your social fears and become more comfortable in social situations, your depression will lift.
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Social Anxiety

Life from the eyes of a shy person

Isn’t life hard as it is and to make it much worse, imagine being stuck with a person who dreads new company or pretty much anything that would require them to put themselves out there in public view. 351 more words


What I am rather certain of
Is how the settled dust felt
Upon my ivory skin.
As I stood outside
Alongside the county road, 32 more words

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Why do social anxiety and depression often go together? (Part 1)

  1. Too little people contact. Everyone needs a certain amount of social interaction to feel happy and content (even introverts). If you don’t get enough people contact, it’s natural to feel sad, lonely, and even depressed.
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Social Anxiety

Almost Missed Opportunities

When I first got my facebook account, my dad made it a rule that I could only be friends with people I actually know, and have met in person. 1,071 more words


Depression Traps, Truth and Reality

Trap #1: Social Withdrawal,Social withdrawal is the most common telltale sign of depression.

The Fix: Gradually counteract social withdrawal by reaching out to your friends and family. 776 more words

Social Anxiety

Little Silences

I’m quiet.

I sit in my seat in a room I’ve never been in surrounded by strangers I might’ve met before but nobody looks at me, nobody calls out my name in recognition and surprise that we share a class together. 336 more words

My Depression