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An introvert's guide to Menlyn

Number 1: stay at home

If only I had followed that rule. Alas, yesterday I felt the need to venture out of my warm and quiet flat to do some shopping – which in itself takes quite a lot to get me to do . 808 more words


Judgment Day

Ever realized how physically draining it is to be judged with every step you take. There’s always the “why are you doing that,” “why did you say that,” or even “why do you like that?” It’s as if someone was trying to shame your entire existence. 196 more words

I don't know what I am doing...


I have no idea who, if anyone, is going to read this, but if you are reading it, thank you x

I’m going to start writing every other day, about being a teenager/some common issues that affect everyone like phobias. 151 more words



There is this online group which I’m a member of. It’s all about sexuality, with open talks, pictures, sharing and even meetings.

I’m not very active there, yet definitely follow what’s happening. 504 more words

Flashback Friday: That One Time I Didn't Have Anxiety

Anxiety is a bitch. I’ve had it constantly in one form or another. I’ve gone through peaks and valleys ranging from panic attacks and nightmares to mildly intrusive worry. 669 more words


A Sunny Friday Afternoon Indoors

I took another sleeping tablet last night and did not get up until about midday. I still feel groggy and have  been having head pains and feelings of slight unreality again as if I am about to have another dizzy experience at any time. 266 more words

Social Anxiety

Birthday Wishes

I have just had a good week away staying with a friend. My only one in fact. It was strange after only talking to myself for 4 months to have someone else to speak to for a change. 175 more words

Social Anxiety