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Prom (and other) Hopes Dashed

Written March, 1990 – Age 15

Chris has been talking to this girl Donna a lot more and I was getting jealous.  I was quite discouraged, and realized I hadn’t been really encouraging him much, so I decided to fix that. 279 more words


Anxiety: We all have it

One of the biggest obstacles with anxiety is the feeling that we’re alone in the fight, that we’re isolated and nobody will understand us. There’s a fear to open up and to share, a fear that people will say the dreaded “Get over it” or “Toughen up”. 319 more words


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The Search For Confidence

I’m going to start this off by saying this is not the start of my weight loss journey, far from it. At 17 I weighed 345 pounds, I am now 18 and weigh 252 pounds. 62 more words