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Why do my hands always shake

What does this mean:

Neurological problems can cause tremors, but they can also be caused by metabolic problems and toxins (such as alcohol) that affect the brain and nervous system.Shaking hands and tremor can also be a side effect of different medications. 102 more words

Daily Jack


Found. One love.
Not bound. Just found.

pic and poem by rachel mcalpine cc by 2.0


The Fear within Shyness

I consider myself to be a pretty reserved person. Throughout my life, I’ve always been on the more shy and quiet side. I’ve never been one to voluntarily participate in class or want to be the center of attention. 585 more words


Accepting Myself As An Introvert. Perspective 3. 

24th September, 2017.

I was always an introvert but to be honest, I hated being one. I really wanted to be an extrovert, I aspired to be one. 404 more words


Friday Afternoon Ramblings

I forced myself to go on another walk yesterday afternoon as the sun came out and it was a fine autumn day. I did not feel so good this time as I got quite agitated and started talking to myself again. 316 more words

Social Anxiety

SHY... and Now for the Most Boring Post of the Year

I’ve added to my position in SHY, a short-term Treasury bond fund that I use as a ‘cash equivalent’ and find to be an excellent portfolio balancer, among others. 134 more words


Stranger Danger!

(pictured- me, in an uncomfortable dress, sitting uncomfortably next to my Au Pair, at an uncomfortable Christmas Eve party, 1998) 

I was a pretty shy kid. 703 more words