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The Visit

Since this film came out a few weeks ago and isn’t in cinemas anymore I won’t bother doing a full review for it, (although I may do it when the DVD comes out) but I just wanted to give a very brief opinion on the movie – just for the record for when the tide eventually and inevitably on this film. 112 more words


Shyamalan's The Visit: yay or nay?

Written by Brenda Ortiz, Staff Writer 

For many moviegoers and film fans, the very mention of M. Night Shyamalan’s name causes a number of reactions: irritation, laughter, and rage in some others, I’m sure. 624 more words


It Follows & The Problem With Horror

** Spoilers, probably **

Horror is one of my least favourite genres of film. The jumping scares, hide-behind-your-pillow tension, and blood & guts, is not the problem for me. 657 more words


The Visit: Shyamalan's Cut or Comeback?

It is possible but debatable that after years of inspiring a chuckle or two when his name appeared across a movie screen (the entire screen) for a preview, M. 505 more words


The Visit Review

Yesterday was a very sad day for me at the movies.  I was going to see the Iron Giant special release and went to the Draper theater instead of The District and by the time I noticed it  I was too late to make the film. 942 more words


Movie Review: Signs (2002)

Yep, that’s right, from now on we’re starting and ending with gifs, probably related to one another, for as long as I can keep it up. 890 more words

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