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The Ties that Bind, one


Fuck it all.

I have to start somewhere.


My wound is deep,

My credit is low,

But my worth is high.

Where to start. 55 more words


Review: Kill Shakespeare Juliet #1

Kill Shakespeare: Juliet #1 is kind of an Elseworlds story set in a world where all of Shakespeare’s plays happened in a shared universe. (Most of them did happen in Italy so this kind of makes sense.) More specifically, it’s a world where Romeo died, and his lover Juliet lives on. 533 more words


Alternative Ending for the Tempest: Shylock's Soliloquy -- c.2007

Why I ask, why is the world not my friend,

Why does the air I breathe contaminate

The Christians air? I see the world, one… 284 more words


Hammerfest, Norway

This location was suggested by the talented Alicia over at Up From the Ashes . Thanks Alicia!

Feel free to stroll around using the Google street view and grab any picture you choose to include in your post. 262 more words

Make Every Word Count

Do We Not Bleed?

Do we not bleed? Shylock asked. Of course Shylock was talking about the fact that, if pricked with a needle or a sword, Jews bleed just as Christians do. 833 more words

Five Fascinating Facts about The Merchant of Venice

Fun facts about Shakespeare’s play

1. Contrary to popular belief, the ‘merchant of Venice’ in the title of Shakespeare’s play isn’t Shylock. In the popular consciousness – i.e. 462 more words