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The Paps

Still waiting for the monthly Artichange Photowalks to become a popular feature locally- but lack of community interest simply means I can concentrate on my own photography up and around Broxburn Bing on the first Sunday every month. 144 more words


The Lil Connections

My heart had a little flutter last night whilst keeping up to date with my FB friends. Lo! and Behold! an image appeared of Lil Neilson… 561 more words


Bingarote v Lanzabing

Before the latest Shymerge collaborative artworks begin in October, both myself and Wendy (Walker) are currently developing individual sketchbooks around our reactions to the monumental landmark of Broxburn Bing. 24 more words


The Red Bings of Broxburn

Since the original Photowalk taken on the 1st of June, I have now visited the monolithic-esque landscape of the ‘bings’ between Broxburn and Winchburgh in West Lothian a total of six times- each time light (and fellow travellers) have been significantly different. 121 more words