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Sia Announces New Core Dev, Duplicati Integration and Community Resources

Sia, the decentralized cloud storage platform that uses SiaCoin as its settlement currency, has published a new blog post today, describing the most recent developments in the project’s ecosystem. 10 more words

Pohľad sunnitov a šítov na Poslednú vôľu Proroka Mohameda

Moslimské sekty majú rôzny pohľad na to, čo zanechal Prorok Mohamed (mier s ním) ako svoju Poslednú vôľu alebo posledné nariadenie.

Sunniti neveria, že Prorok Mohamed (mier s ním) zanechal písomnú Poslednú vôľu, ale veria v hadís „Koránu a sunny… 549 more words


Sia is going to drop a Christmas Album!

Get ready for Sia to rock some major holiday wigs as she just announced that she is releasing a Christmas album! Yesterday she dropped the list of songs for her new album on Twitter! 9 more words


Fire Meets Gasoline: Musicians from Islands

There are two factors that both Australia and New Zealand have in common. One, both countries are islands and are located in what people refer to as, “The Down Under.” Second, Australia and New Zealand are home to some of the most unique habitats, animals, as well as some of my favorite musical artists. 654 more words


95 SIA: This is Acting

I don’t really believe in the existence of ‘guilty pleasures’


Well, that’s not strictly true: if your ‘pleasure’ is forcibly removing the kneecaps of Somalian traffic wardens and leaving them to harden in the sun before burning holes in them with cigarettes and wearing them as gaudily ostentatious oversized hooped earrings, then, yeah, you should probably be considered guilty… 458 more words


Nowy album Sii już w listopadzie !

Everyday is Christmas“, czyli najnowsze, świąteczne wydawnictwo Sii trafi do sprzedaży już w przyszłym miesiącu. Na płycie znajdzie się łącznie 10 premierowych świątecznych kompozycji. 91 more words

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