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Fuse/Sikring/Sicherung SIBA,EFEN,ETI,FUSARC,BUSSMANN,MERSEN HRC Fuse 3/7.2kV – 6/12kV – 10/24kV Striker Pin Fuse Standard DIN 34625 ; Head Diameters 45mm & 55mm SoleFuse ; Long Body 192mm / 292mm / 442mm  ; Total Long 262mm / 362mm / 512mm,Medium Voltage Fuse for Cubicle/MOTOR Circuit/LBS Fuse. 72 more words


Sell/Jual-Fuses SIBA 3/7.2kV

Medium Voltage/High Voltage Fuse Striker pin Standard DIN 34625, e= 192mm/292mm or 442mm,MOTOR CIRCUIT Fuse 80N SIBA

Jual-Sepam S20

Jual-Sepam T20

Jual-Sepam M20 

Jual-Sepam S40… 16 more words

On the gender beer gap...

As by now everyone with a working face has heard and formed an opinion on, to celebrate International Women’s Day, Brewdog have re-packaged Punk IPA, and are donating 20% of the proceeds from it to causes that fight for women’s rights in the workplace. 1,097 more words

The Imbibe Live Lager Challenge in association with SIBA is open for entries

To help unearth Britain’s best lager, Imbibe Live is teaming up with the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) to launch The Lager Challenge.

Lager in Britain is having its turn in the spotlight. 428 more words


08 - 09/11 20h :: Show de Siba :: Audio Rebel

Hey Rio de Janeiro recomenda! *Não deixe de clicar e conhecer o nosso site.

Despido dos variados formatos musicais que já assumiu, o repertório do músico pernambucano se mostra em seu núcleo duro e essencial: a poesia rimada, absolutamente vinculada às tradições e práticas de poesia popular do Nordeste. 297 more words