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It’s around the time that someone close to you is diagnosed with cancer that you really begin to consider the possibility of God. The questions are always there, no matter how much of an atheist, agnostic or believer you consider yourself to be. 490 more words


Just a few thoughts.

I have a serious regret surrounding Thatcher’s death. Outside of the fact that I had a very hard time holding him therefore I did not hold him much, but I also regret that Charlie did not get to see him (I don’t think she could have handled it). 230 more words


Singing in the Rain

This afternoon was one of those sweet, innocent, impromptu fun moments. While talking to my mom on the phone, I heard the front door open. It wasn’t until I heard a distant screaming and singing that I realized my two crazy kids were skipping down our street in the pouring rain. 107 more words


Great big sister

None of us had a real good sleep last night, so I wasn’t surprised when I looked back as we are driving towards Connecticut to see Noah had fallen asleep. 73 more words

Family Life

Head butting? Really?

While you and your brother get along for the most part, we did notice that he tends to get a bit much at times and have recently seen you starting to voice your distaste. 177 more words

Crazy Little Things You Do

Do it

I thought I read more than my brother.
(He is a reader too, but he didn’t read when he was my age.My sister barely read a her studies😹) 116 more words

Brain Dump

Easter Farewell`s

This past weekend was jam packed with cousin time. I love this because it’s something I always dreamed of for both of you.

We were invited to Caitlyn`s Birthday party on Saturday at her Grandpa`s house in Pretoria. 465 more words

Special Days