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Pirates, Princesses and Flowers

There is nothing more heart warming than watching my children play together, using their imagination and fighting bad in the world together. This weekend was no different. 229 more words

Little Madame

My Darling Kenzie,

March seems to be the month of growth for you. Not only in length but in personality, you have literally bowled us over in the last couple of weeks. 239 more words


Injuries, fixer uppers and a spot of camping

My Darling Hunter,

Without even knowing it this entire weekend was focused on you. It wasn’t planned at all, in fact we had ideas of a low maintenance, low spending weekend in mind. 459 more words

Special Days

Colombian Street Party

My little Terrors,

It was on beautiful afternoon at the coast, you and Kenzie had been dancing for us on the balcony while we sipped on some wine and chatted. 50 more words



It’s around the time that someone close to you is diagnosed with cancer that you really begin to consider the possibility of God. The questions are always there, no matter how much of an atheist, agnostic or believer you consider yourself to be. 490 more words


Just a few thoughts.

I have a serious regret surrounding Thatcher’s death. Outside of the fact that I had a very hard time holding him therefore I did not hold him much, but I also regret that Charlie did not get to see him (I don’t think she could have handled it). 230 more words


Singing in the Rain

This afternoon was one of those sweet, innocent, impromptu fun moments. While talking to my mom on the phone, I heard the front door open. It wasn’t until I heard a distant screaming and singing that I realized my two crazy kids were skipping down our street in the pouring rain. 107 more words