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The Power of Music

I am a piano teacher by day and a writer by every-other-chance-I-can-get, so today I’d like to combine the two and write about music. Specifically, about the powerful impact music can have. 997 more words


Sibelius - Earworm of the Day

I woke up this morning with a tune stuck in my head (an earworm). Today has been and will be a long day spent resurrecting a dead computer, so I have been playing a lot of music to keep me from getting too bored as I wait for file after file to download – including today’s earworm. 43 more words

Bossa Roo

“Bossa Roo” was a track on the Shadows 1964 album “Sound of the Shadows”. My recording is pretty much a straight cover, right down to Hank Marvin’s solo break. 16 more words


An early evening in Töölö

Last Wednesday, after a long morning and afternoon at school and the library, as well as a long evening ahead, I decided to treat myself to a little afternoon break before my choir rehearsal in Töölö. 372 more words

Update after a looooong time away...

Wow! In the year-and-a-half since my last update to this blog, WordPress has updated the interface a great deal – it’s very pretty now to work in – and quite a bit has happened with me! 683 more words


Blue Sky, Blue Sea, Blue Me

“Blue Sky, Blue Sea, Blue Me” is a track from the Shadows 1964 album “Sound of the Shadows”. It was never released as a single. The quality of the Shadows album “filler” tracks is quite remarkable. 76 more words