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A Sea of Snow Geese

I crossed the wooden single lane bridge to Westham Island from Ladner heading to Reifel Bird Sanctuary. 81 more words


Between Shades of Gray Review: Spoilers!

Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys
Rating: 5/5

Between Shades of Gray is an incredibly moving story that I devoured in mere hours, and I know Lina’s story will stay with me for a long time. 794 more words


चंबल अभयारण्य में मनमोहक छटा बिखेर रहे हैं विदेशी मेहमान

मुरैना (मप्र), (भाषा): इन दिनों चंबल राष्ट्रीय अभयारण्य में बड़ी संख्या में विदेशी पक्षी आए हुए हैं। चंबल नदी क्षेत्र का यह अभयारण्य विशेष तौर पर घडिय़ालों को संरक्षित करने के लिए बनाया गया है, लेकिन चंबल घाटी की खामोश वादियां अब यहां मेहमान परिंदों की आमद से ज उठी हैं। ये परिंदे देश के उत्तरी […]

Frozen Siberian Secrets

When you think of Siberia do you think of a Russian gulag or political dissidents exiled to the frozen wastelands of the Siberian tundra? If the word “secrets” crosses your mind it may be from the perspective of the kinds of secrets political prisoners might have. 495 more words


Winter Wonderland

Thursday, Dec. 1: hello, winter! Only it doesn’t feel like winter at all here. Warm and yellowy-red streets will hardly see snow any time soon, but it’s winter on the calendar, so the excitement is here regardless. 320 more words

Без рубрики

Travel theme: the beauty of the Siberian taiga forests in winter

This week, Ailsa‘s photo challenge theme is Forest.

The bright white colour of the immaculate snow. The delicate patchwork of the birch trees. The light shadows of the winter’s low-angled sun. 18 more words


EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS: Tracking the Amur tiger in Far East Russia

The Amur tiger is living large in Durminskoye Reserve, thanks to custodian Alexander Batalov and his team of five foresters. They patrol this 20,000-hectare slice of the Ussuri Taiga, outsmarting poachers, making sure the tigers’ prey don’t starve in the brutal -40˙C Siberian winters, and spending hours in the forest, on foot and on snowmobiles, setting up camera traps to monitor the endangered cats’ movements. 616 more words