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Breaking News: Russian Athletes Are STILL Doped Up

Calling in sick on the day of an athletic drug test is sorta like when your boss walks into the room and says “we’re going to have you all attend a team-building seminar in the conference room today for 4 hours, it’s mandatory.” and you immediately jam your fingers down your throat and puke in the garbage can in front of everyone so you can go home and take a “sick day”. 220 more words

Casey S. Gutting

Life Will Out

The coldest place on earth reached -88 the other day: Oymakon, Siberia was the place. 500 people live there, raw fish eaters all of them, and one of those hardy 500 is the girl in the photo.  147 more words


The Climate Situation is Dire, so Don't Ignore it

Please click the links below to read about the effects of current freezing temperatures in Siberia and the United States.

Global Warming is real, but the name can be misleading (there really have been increases in the temperature of the planet itself, though).  137 more words

It’s -67C in the coldest village on Earth and, yes, the outdoor market is open

In this remote outpost in Siberia, the cold is no small affair.

Eyelashes freeze, frostbite is a constant danger and cars are usually kept running even when not being used, lest their batteries die in temperatures that average minus 50 degrees Celsius in the winter, according to news reports. 806 more words


My New, Image-Centered, Website, and Other Events

Yielding to the ever-increasing pressure of taking care of the self-representation online, I have opened a website. The difference of this website from my other web-incarnations is that finally the photograph, the image, moves at the center of attention pushing the previously-reigning text to the margin. 272 more words


"60 Degrees North" by Malachy Tallack

Good idea, good writing, but somehow lost me halfway on its way around the globe.

Not that any particular idea is needed to set out and explore the world, but, as far as ideas go, circumventing the planet following the 60th northern parallel sounded interesting. 568 more words