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Siberian Waste: journal entry 1

How a man found truth by chasing a myth.


I suppose what happened next has already been covered ad-nauseam by the press. 607 more words


News: World's Oldest Needle Found in Siberian Cave

Although this news isn’t current (the needle was discovered last summer), it will still be of interest to anyone who didn’t read about the discovery at the time. 167 more words

Central Asia

The desert killer

Four weeks back and my overnight at Siberia was a brutal affair. The ground had absorbed a great deal of energy from sunlight, which it then radiated into the cooling night air from sundown until well past midnight. 1,047 more words


Siberian Waste: journal entry 0

My grandfather gave me this empty travelogue before he died and I’ve resolved to fill every page to honor his memory. There’s so much to tell but I’m not sure where to begin. 1,167 more words

Russian train adventures

127 hours or 5 full days and nights and a bit. That’s the total amount of time we spent in Russian trains during our 27 day stay in Russia. 800 more words


Field Notes, Summer of 2017 in Siberia

During this summer I spent as much time as it was possible in Siberia. I brought notes from there, that I now offer to your attention. 468 more words


Caught in a desert sandstorm

It didn't escape my notice that the desert dust storm I encountered two nights back encompassed the Deep Water Wilderness. Before the wind and sand swallowed me up where I camped on the gently sloping alluvial plain near Siberia, I watched as the storm-front passed quickly across the edge of Deep Water, one mile to the north of my camp. 451 more words