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Piece by piece, a Siberian town stakes a claim as humanity’s cradle — where early man and Neanderthals mingled

SOLONESHNOYE, Russia — Wood smoke hangs like a mist over this town, nestled in a valley deep in Siberia. The log houses lean at jaunty angles, dogs bark in the yards and cows, their neck bells clanging, walk the dusty streets. 1,010 more words


100 Years of Trans-Siberian Railway

“Throughout the month of October I will be featuring articles and links brought to you by Getty Images. Working at Getty Images, I am fortunate to be regularly exposed to the best in world photography, both past and present and the cutting edge of the visual dialogue that frames our world. 47 more words


Post Brexit autumn organics

Autumn has peeled away the last vestiges of a long hot summer. Daytime temperatures have dropped almost 10 deg C. Overcast skies are delivering a little rain. 943 more words

Episode 44: Mystery, Riddle, Enigma: Anastasia

Some historical events leave scars on the minds of contemporaries that last long enough to become legends. The execution of the family Romanov in a Siberian cellar under the cover of night and the shroud of secrecy, was one such event. 208 more words


All the Right Places - Brad Newsham

ISBN: 0 553 816020
Newsham, Brad. All The Right Places. Bantum: Berkshire, 2003.

1. I walked through block after cloned block of dreary concrete structures, (…) labeled in the tangled algebra of Japanese, and featuring exteriors that offered no clue as to function. 1,184 more words


Kazakhstan and Siberia's Great Divide: Winter is coming

It is the end of September and I have made it to a city named Ayagoz somewhere between Almaty and Semipalatinsk in eastern Kazakhstan. The air is raw and biting cold and I did a mistake walking to the supermarket in my flipflop sandals. 3,507 more words

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Crabs Currents

There are plenty of debates about what is the best crab species in the world. Some believe the red king crab called Kamchatka crab or what American’s call it, Alaskan king crab is the most meaty but is the best tasting. 557 more words

Life Cycles