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The Most Infuriating Chapter Thus Far (Resurrection Ch 23)

As I sit here in this sticky dorm room, I have to write this depressing joke of a post because the idiots in court have gotten that girl to Siberia, which is fantastic, except not at all.   365 more words


Russian Banya

In my career as an interpreter there were no incidents when a foreigner was offered a visit Russian banya and he would say no. It just wasn’t proper protocol. 819 more words


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My first experience in Russian banya was December 1989 in Nadym Western Siberia in the final days of the old Soviet Union. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nadym American and Russian oil men and geologists. Much vodka. Very similar to this story, except this banya did have a shower. The Americans ran naked into the subzero night to cool off in the snow then went back to the banya. The water in my beard froze solid. I experienced many more Russian banya in the following years. One of my fondest memories of Russia.

A Concert on Olkhon Island

The next morning we woke on the train to find we were already at the border with Russia. This border crossing took ten long and dull hours, during which time we barely moved. 654 more words