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Flash flood season

Just one more week until the start of flash flood season in the California desert. I look forward to this event with more excitement than Shark Week! 116 more words


An American's Insights into Russia, 1995-2005-2015

Book review: Bears in the Streets, by Lisa Dickey

No fewer than six people in six different cities (and four different time zones) had informed me that this is what Americans think. 1,158 more words


Anthropologyish Friday: Griffins and Tatars

Hello and welcome back to Anthropology Friday. Today we’re featuring a short, speculative segment from Adolf Erman’s Travels In Siberia (vol. 2) on possible connections with Greek history and some customs of the Tatar people. 1,180 more words


Fear and Loathing in the Motherland?


The Jamestown Foundation has written a wonderful assessment on the recent Kremlin decision to subordinate Russia’s Armed Forces to the newly created Russian National Guard, in the event of an “internal emergency.” In 2016, the Putin Regime reorganized the Russian Interior forces that had existed for decades into this newfangled, better supplied, better trained, and better manned organization–the aforementioned Russian National Guard. 4,130 more words


Back for a visit

What springs into mind when you think about Siberia? snow? Gulag? wasteland?
Scratch that. Siberia in the summer is a completely different experience 1,185 more words