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Coming Home

Hello, everyone! I know this post is much later in the day than usual, although I have been busy interviewing some creative thinkers for the next few posts, so keep an eye out! 132 more words


To My Oldest Child

Dear Baby Girl,

We’ve known each other a while now. I know you’re only four, but I knew you long before you were born. I knew you when you were a part of me, but even before that, I knew you. 513 more words


Brother blues

So, I started blogging as a way to write anonymously about how I feel about day to day life.  There are a lot of things that I want to post on Facebook as a way to release stress but I always hit backspace and change my mind. 969 more words


God’s Ways (Psalm 103:7)

Are you satisfied with merely knowing the acts of God, or do you also want to know His ways? There is a difference. This difference is illustrated in the lives of the children of Israel as compared to Moses. 246 more words


Life is all fun and games ♡♡

Here we are together. My little baby boy is looking into the camera while my baby girl is sitting in my lap. My boyfriend took this picture yesterday when we were at a zoo. ♡♡

Love And Relationship

How Dementia Affects Family Relationships

Two siblings—one who has dementia—confront how living together has affected their relationship.


You’re loving

Being through thick and thin, believing.

Holding hands, blushing.

Down the sloppy road, smiling.

You’re amazing

Standing as my pillar, strengthening

A pat on my back when I need one, encouraging… 160 more words