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Ciucio: Corner Girl or College Girl

Fesso chi fa I figli meglio di lui.
(Stupid and contemptible is he who makes his children better than himself.)
–Italian Proverb… 5,292 more words


Cheers our kid

My brother and I always refer to each other as Our Kid, joking that it saves remembering each others names.  In truth,  it’s  our way of expressing our love for each other  and appreciation of the fact that we’ve grown up together.  904 more words

The Point

I’m reposting this because really, this is the whole point of this crazy trip.  This is the reason we rented out our house, sold our cars, and embarked on this insane journey. 110 more words


By: Sandra Peoples, Key Ministry

“She ruins everything!” I said to my mom when I was six and my big sister bumped into an art project I’d been working on all day. 778 more words

Encouragement & Support

My sticks and stones have broken your bones, so how can I forgive me?

I spent a lot of time with my brother when I was growing up. I was literally the definition of the annoying little brother that tagged along everywhere. 1,193 more words

Write a letter to your siblings.


I could use your name, but that seems weird at this stage given that most of these are nameless.

I mean there is only one of you, so I could address this to you directly, or any other vaguely insulting moniker that I use in lieu of your actual name these days. 675 more words


Into the Pit

Today’s reading is Genesis 37-38.

We have a tendency to think the lives of the faithful should be easy, leisurely, and comfortable at all times. 219 more words