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Who is this? (Luke 19:38)

Imagine standing shoulder to shoulder with onlookers by a dirt road. The woman behind you is on her tiptoes, trying to see who is coming. In the distance, you glimpse a man riding a donkey. 217 more words


Great Lermans Think Alike

(loosely related to A Tired, Dehydrated People )

The sisters Lerman know how to spend a bright, sunny Saturday.


Why I Love My Brother

Because he’s the overachieving first child

Because he’s a grumpy old man clad in adolescent skin

Because he takes the phrase, “Early is on time, and on time is late” to heart… 318 more words


Harper and Miller

I feel like I should really start by introducing the two little people who made me a mum. Harper is our first and she is 4 years old. 262 more words



I still very much feel a connection to my “hometown” of Red Deer, Alberta. It was a small town when I was growing up, playing outside and riding our bikes in the summer until it got dark, which that far north, was quite late. 641 more words


Take From And Give To (Psalm 37:34)

As a rule, it is wrong to take from one person and give to another. Yet when the proper authority takes from a criminal to give to an orphan, it’s a different story. 252 more words



We are just back from weekend trip to Aberdeen. I say ‘we’. I mean my husband and I, and the two girls. Our first trip away without Benjamin. 816 more words

Special Needs Parenting