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My Clock is Ticking

NO! Not my biological clock!! I’ve had three kids since 2013 and would very much like a break! No, unfortunately I’m counting down to something absolutely terrifying. 597 more words


Second-Born Children Are More Likely to be Troublemakers, Study Shows

(Source: www.townandcountrymag.com)

We know that first-born children are smarter than their siblings (well, at least according to this study), but now first-borns have one more thing to lord over their younger siblings’ heads. 265 more words

Money Matters

Beaumont’s Big Brother - Big Sister Class

The Big Brother – Big Sister Class continues to be popular among families year after year. Beaumont’s Prenatal and Family Education department offers approximately one or two classes per month at Beaumont Royal Oak, Troy, and Grosse Pointe. 230 more words



“A tiger dies and leaves his skin.”

Enggak ada yang tampak luar biasa di kelas pagi itu. Bu Guru lagi membimbing murid-murid mengungkapkan warisan apa yang ingin mereka tinggalkan di dunia, dan seperti di hari-hari biasa, Henry mengejutkan seisi ruangan dengan opininya yang penuh pemikiran, jauh lebih dewasa dari umurnya. 1,017 more words


Sibling heartache

I’m going to keep my communication open between me and my two siblings as long or as hard as it can be …… because I’m the oldest….am supposed to be responsible right? 271 more words

A Newborn & a Toddler...the Struggle is Real!

Many of you have been wondering why I disappeared after just starting my blog journey.  At least that is what my imaginary fan base has been asking me day-in and day-out. 1,112 more words


Words of Children

Hello everyone, this Wednesday I am going to share two wonderful works from younger children – my siblings. Today we had a poetry tea time where everyone had to write (or speak) their own poem, including my 3-year-old sister. 91 more words