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When Sis Helped

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In my family, I’m the baby. Two brothers and one sister. Sis is almost nine-years older than me. She’s the OLDER sister. 233 more words



I was in the basement moving the laundry from the washer to the dryer. It was quiet in the basement, despite all manner of teen antics that were presently permeating the first floor. 422 more words


The Gift of Self-Indulgence (Ezekiel 16:49)

An upscale London department store launched a new gift card with the slogan, “The Gift of Self-Indulgence.” Throughout the store, signs, slogans, and even nametags called attention to the cards. 210 more words


Steps to Finding Your Birth Family

Deciding to find your biological family is a big step and opens the door to a lot of questions. Before you get started think about why you want to find them. 333 more words


Little Visitors

They say that your body is your home, but in this home, he is never alone. They all come to visit, late at night, uninvited, and always over staying their welcome. 459 more words


wild child

Tomorrow marks the beginning of our 30-day countdown. As has been true for the last few months, we are caught between trying to live in the moment and planning for the future. 338 more words


#atinylife Arg! Kids!

I’m really sorry, but this is going to be one of those mum blogs. My kids are driving me insane!

What do you do when one of your kids is so mean to the other one it takes your breath away? 104 more words