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Sibling show-off

Mr.I. blabbers more and more each day, but i must applaud Ms.S., for she never spares a moment to boast about her little brother.

To anybody, anywhere! 65 more words


It’s Always True! (Psalm 119:160)

In his book What American Believe, George Barna cites a survey taken early in 1991 about absolute truth. The question was asked, “Do you agree strongly, agree somewhat, disagree somewhat, or disagree strongly with the following statement: … 220 more words



Evie tipped the squash into the glass then topped it up with water from the cooler her mum kept in the fridge. It was hot as hell outside and tap water just wasn’t cold enough. 478 more words


Psychology Fact

Boys have a huge respect for their siblings. They tend to show that they don’t care about them or fight with them, but when someone hurts their siblings then they can’t control and will protect them at any cost.


No Repentance, No Pardon (Luke 13:5)

Faith in Christand faith alone – saves the sinner from hell. Yet saving faith must be accompanied by a change of heart about sin and about… 292 more words


I'm Thankful Every Day

Today, I’ll post what I’m thankful for, but my gratitude doesn’t stop at midnight, nor did it start at midnight.

I’m thankful for my daughter because she’s the reason I am here. 945 more words

Journal Entries

Brothers: A Decade Of Difference | Circa April 5, 2005

Apr 5, 2005, 2:21 AM

Craig learned to open the bathroom door this week. With his chubby, dimpled hands he swatted at the doorknob, making a loud click, bang sound. 867 more words

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