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Tales from the Sandpile

My parents installed a sandpile in our yard shortly after we moved to Newton. We’ve been there ever since. The sandpile has been heavily used. Every few years my parents have to pay a small fortune to refill the sand, as countless floods, yard projects and feet have carried the sand to parts unknown. 981 more words


In our DNA

I hear him in my dad’s voice. The sly comment, delivered with just a hint of sarcasm and a glimmer of mischief in his eyes. The rebuttal that no one can refute, evading the answer to a straightforward question. 188 more words

Life, Love & Sisters

Life often gets in the way and you can fail to appreciate how wonderful our children are and how quickly they grow. You grow distracted by routine and work; behaviour or life events; struggles and battles. 386 more words


San Francisco, CA & Portland, OR

My weeklong spring break has ended. It was a happy time spent with the two funniest and most loving people in the world: my siblings. Not trying to brag, but they’re better than your siblings. 1,594 more words


Frame People

There’s a little joke in this family about a picture frame,

Filled with lovely picture frame models, compliments of the manufacturer.

Looked great above the couch, but not exactly what mom had in mind. 32 more words

Family Portraits

Making a Mango Whistle-A Book Review

Book: Making a Mango Whistle

Genre: Young Adult

Author: Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay

Publisher: Penguin – Puffin Classics

Which is a better phase of life than childhood? Don’t we all wish we could go back to being carefree children, knowing nothing but play and exploring the world around us? 627 more words

Book Review

Follow The Leader Siblings! 🚶🚶👦👧👦

Being an older sibling is never as easy as it seems, especially when you still have a lot of growing and learning to do yourself. 344 more words