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The Un-Photographed Ones

There are many children who are on the waiting list for adoption who due to legal requirements are unable to have a photograph posted. Unfortunately that makes it a lot harder for them to be chosen. 374 more words

Mom rant no.2: Make a larger age gap between your kids

If you know you’re someday going to have more than one kid, I’ll be straightforward, make a larger age gap between them. Save yourself. A few years won’t make a big difference for them, but it will for you. 134 more words




Shengliver’s Note: Is the younger sis mean?


When I was ten, my mum gave birth to her second child. It is my sis. 178 more words

Chinese Teens

How can I convince my toddler to share?

They say manners don’t cost anything.

For something that’s supposed to be free, it sure does take a lot of effort to instil manners into a toddler! 731 more words


Faulty Negotiations

Fifteen-month-old Warrior Queen started requesting stories about a week ago. It’s mostly the same three that she will remain rapt and smiling. One particular morning Mr. 401 more words

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