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The funeral.

We had a memorial service for John at Foothills Bible Church. I think John’s was one of the first funerals out of all of those killed. 1,001 more words

Beautiful Boy

I read the news of my nephew’s death on Facebook.

I knew it was coming but I didn’t in the way that anyone older finds it so hard to believe that a younger person would die first. 585 more words


Triplet Graduation


These are my half-siblings (Emily, Edmund, Elena). On Friday May, 27th they graduated from high school, seven years after I graduated. Our common denominator was my father. 507 more words



We went bowling on Friday. And I was diagnosed by many with a horrible case of All-but-one-itis.

It was contagious, too. 

Among about ten people playing two whole games of bowling, there were a grand total of three strikes made, but a staggering number of nines were scored. 190 more words


Trying to find my half brother

Hey there,

My post today is half to just get this off my chest and half a plea for help.

I have a half brother from my dad’s relationship before my mum. 375 more words


Last day of school.

I gave up my morning run to make pancakes and see the kiddos off to school on their last day before Summer Break. They were quiet and a but fatigued as they ate their pancakes. 431 more words