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Tracy Ewens Writes Relatable Romantic Fiction

Readers who like romance with modern, real life circumstances will want to read Tracy Ewens’ Love Story series. As of this writing, there are eight books in the series. 179 more words


Prompt 90: What is Your Six Word Memoir?

I hope to write a memoir some day and frequently think of what my memoir will be called.

I have come up with a few titles for one. 287 more words


Whispering Gallery (Proverbs 10:19)

London’s domed St. Paul’s Cathedral has an interesting architectural phenomenon called the “whispering gallery.” One Web explains it this way: “The name comes from the fact that a person who whispers facing the wall on one side can be clearly heard on the other, since the sound is carried perfectly around the vast curve of the Dome.” 191 more words


#AtoZChallenge: U is for Uh...

Yesterday I mentioned how both of my kids have mad skills where talking is concerned. It’s like their mouths are driven by motors, and there is no off switch. 333 more words


Responsibilities of the Eldest Child

Throughout bible history….the second child received the blessings and the inheritance whilst the eldest child was cast out of the homeland.  It’s the life of a… 342 more words

My 12 Glasses


No we were not born together, Not on the same date or day

We were linked from the heaven,connected with blood. Our fairy mother bore us to earth. 314 more words

Life Qoutes

Building Up The Little Ones

So often, it seems like children are disregarded. Pushed away. Ignored. I have seen it so many times, and sometimes even been the one at fault. 1,371 more words