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Two babies under two

When I found out I was pregnant with our second baby, in one sense it wasn’t nearly as shocking as the first. Not that I wasn’t excited or happy about it; I was. 2,257 more words


Kinda Beyond the Average

Hello! My name is Jhayda White, but my full birth name is: Jhayda-Chyenne Alicia DeCambre White. Five names, sheesh. When I was born my mother couldn’t figure out what to name me, so she took a notebook and kept jotting down names. 160 more words

A Lot

Children...my children.

They complete a woman more than anything else in the world. They bring you labor pains when they declare to be born and yet when that moment is over, the pain goes away with it. 105 more words


Love Listens (Psalm 119:149)

When we love others, we listen to them. Sure, it takes time and effort to focus on them and hear what they are saying. But when we do, it shows genuine concern and respect. 90 more words


The path to...

My husband and I were discussing how miserable our older daughter is in her pregnancy… I was going to try to articulate how pregnancy is truly something that proves a woman’s inner strength to herself and I commented: 22 more words


Why Tell

When I was talking to the therapist the other week about little bitty’s dad and brothers she said is it even worth telling her at this point? 559 more words


Family Matters... Literally


Well, I guess I didn’t really give you any idea of me. Should we do that now? Okay, here goes!

Since you already know my name, I guess you need to know some other things. 198 more words