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If (John 13:17)

A new government regulation will require US foodmakers to list the amount of “trans fat” on the labels of most food products purchased in stores. Trans fat, which has been linked to heart disease, high cholesterol, and obesity, is something most people should limit or avoid altogether. 212 more words


5 things my younger sister did for me.

1. She made noodles for me.

2. She made me laugh alot.

3. She calls me sometimes.

4. Once she made tomato rice for me. 6 more words


You can see the love of angels reflected in the faces of sleeping children.

There is a theory that many children being born now are old souls with highly developed spiritual skills. These very special children will remind us of our long-forgotten healing techniques, psychic awareness and immeasurable compassion. 101 more words

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Help Us Name Roy & Viv's New Kitten!

Santa brought the promise of a new kitty to Roy & Viv this year, as he found one who’d been born on December 14th.

We got to meet her on Saturday (along with her 8 siblings), they are a LOUD bunch. 35 more words


Qualifying for Family Oversight

For the most part of my life, I have lived with my family of five consisting of my parents, myself as the eldest, one year younger sister and a whopping ten year difference with my younger brother. 582 more words