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Hayley & Layla... {A Sibling Photo Shoot in Crow Nest Park}

Photographing these two was pretty fun. It was pouring with rain. Carly, their mum, still wanted to go ahead. So we did! Nothing an Elsa and Anna Frozen umbrella can’t solve! 41 more words



My Frustrated Anger Rant

I swear there is never a perfect world for siblings. There is that constant pull of love and hate? I am not sure if hate is the correct word in this case. 694 more words


Why Being Best Friends with Your Sister is the Best

Today, I spent my day meandering the mall with the elderĀ of my two younger sisters. We laughed, we talked the entire time, and we bought a ton of really cute clothes that make us look dang good. 1,273 more words


Regression and Excuses

Middle Child hit Oldest Child today. When asked why, he told me “I just can’t control my anger!”

Not gonna fly, I told him. He lost some privileges, made his apologies and I let him know in no uncertain terms that nothing is going to slide around here. 330 more words

How far back do I remember?

My furthest bad memory is of my mother hitting me across the face.

This was after the divorce when she was living downtown. My brother or sister had broken something (those details are fuzzy) and I took the blame. 117 more words



The tie between age and maturity has become a foreign concept for me. As a child looking at my sister, she had always seemed so mature. 665 more words


Where do I begin?

Maybe a little history about myself to get us started:

I have never met my biological father. He and my biological mother did not agree about me, and she was sent away while pregnant (as told by her). 240 more words