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Worry – Fear’s Extravagance (Matthew 6:34)

Worry is fear’s extravagance. It extracts interest on trouble before it comes due. It constantly drains the energy God gives us to face daily problems and to fulfill our many responsibilities. 272 more words


5 reasons why sharing a room with a sister is annoying

This is my personal list :P

Reason number 1. They hog the whole room

You would thing the whole sharing a room thing would be great like a sleepover, but it is not fun at all. 565 more words

Life With A Disabled Brother: Adventures At Target

First off: no one, and I mean no one, goes into Target as field trip expecting to not buy anything at all. I’m sure Mom had a list (don’t all mom’s always have a running “stuff we need” list going in their heads or am I stereotyping again?) 722 more words


Though you are dead, I hear your tread in the hall, dear Liam. Go now and be with God until Mother joins you which she is wont to do.  29 more words


No Victimless Sins (1 Corinthians 6:19)

A newspaper carried an article entitled “Victimless Crimes Get Second Look.” The writer stated that practices such as prostitution and gambling are being revaluated by state and federal authorities. 259 more words