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What the firstborn has to do

Background: We (my siblings and I) take turns cooking. Lunch on Sunday happens to be my brother’s turn…

Dad and Mom: So we are going out, and remember to eat. 210 more words


Alpha (Imperium Statera)

I will write. I will play.
I will stay up all night.
I will dictate my day.
I will never be trite.
I am the alpha… 203 more words


Christ is Alive! (Revelation 1:18)

On one occasion Michelangelo turned to his fellow artists and said with frustration in his voice, “Why do you keep filling gallery after gallery with endless pictures on the one theme of… 266 more words


'All of us have come so far': How to reconnect with family after a period of estrangement

Julia, whose name has been changed for privacy reasons, was away at university when her brother and her father had a falling out.

“My parents… 1,491 more words



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Sister is like a second mother. She
always takes care of her siblings. Whether she is younger or elder than you,
she always behaves like an elder sister with more love & responsibility. 223 more words


The longing for what's not around

When I was dating my husband, I was juggling time between work, him and my family ( I was living with my sibling). Coming from a conservative Indian family, dating can’t be smooth trust me. 273 more words


Droplets | BEDA 19

“Ronnie! Ronnie!”

Her shrill voice filled every corner of the house until it found it’s way to his ears. He let out a sigh through smiling lips; crawling out of bed, he was met to the sound of eager fists against his door. 318 more words