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This Is What It Feels Like When You’re Estranged From Your Sibling

When this happens, you’re at a loss for words. You can’t believe that it’s happening. It feels like a bad dream that you want to end. 344 more words

Collective World

Young Dates

The first date was

Welcomed with roses, lots of them

The awkward getting to know you,

Only it wasn’t awkward.

It was full of exclamation and emphasis… 133 more words

Envy vs. Efficiency (Numbers 12:2)

In the world of technology, friction is an enemy of efficiency. That’s why auto engineers put so much emphasis on aerodynamics, easy-rolling tires, and short-stroke engines. 229 more words


Serena: The Littlest Sister by Karlin Gray

Back of Book:
Serena Williams is one of the biggest names in sports, but she grew up the littlest of five girls in her family. While sharing a room and playing tennis with her older sisters, Serena had to figure out how to be her own person―on and off the court. 190 more words



Life is lived in a series of moments. Good, bad, happy, sad, exciting, loving, and everything in between kind of moments.

As a parent, you take these moments as they come. 246 more words


Fleeting Success (Colossians 3:2)

Having many friends and being rich are great blessings, but popularity and success do not guarantee a happy life. To make this point, Solomon called attention to an elderly king who ignored the wishes of his subjects and was replaced. 219 more words