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Sicilian Mafia boss Riina dies of natural causes in hospital

MILAN (Reuters) – Salvatore “Toto” Riina, the most powerful and feared Sicilian Mafia boss of the 20th century, died of natural causes early on Friday after almost a quarter century in jail, Italian media reported.

Sicilian election holds mirror up to national trends

ROME (Reuters) – A regional ballot in Sicily this weekend will serve as a dress rehearsal for a forthcoming general election, with the political dynamics on the Mediterranean island matching those being played out on the national stage.

Forward Gear

The car came to a very sudden halt. Here we were driving to meet my Uncle, my Dad’s brother and for me, it would be for the first time. 2,932 more words

Cultural Identity



At the conclusion of a book by King,
There’s frequently a raging conflagration.
“Fire purifies.” That’s Ben Mears’ observation.
He’ll get those fucking vampires scurrying! 78 more words

Bishop Dropped Like It’s Hot

Everyone has got to start somewhere. Although I used to play in live tournaments, my chess skills won’t come back straight away, especially in new openings to myself. 356 more words


A Mop, a Broom and a Bucket

“Over there!” was the phrase my Auntie taught me that day.  My Italian was not great and my Sicilian was pretty much nil.  Somehow though we managed to understand each other and get by.  3,463 more words

Cultural Identity

Sicilian Pork Ribs

Hail the pork rib.

Slice the ribs apart.  I use two racks for this recipe, because I shop at Costco.  You can blanch them or not.   203 more words