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Sicilian Pork Ribs

Hail the pork rib.

Slice the ribs apart.  I use two racks for this recipe, because I shop at Costco.  You can blanch them or not.   203 more words

LangFest - Languages Event in Montreal

Last weekend I went to Montreal to attend LangFest (Language Festival) where we had three days of language-related presentations and social activities with other polyglots. This year, I gave a presentation about the regional languages of Italy, focusing on those I had studied, Neapolitan and Sicilian, although I also talked about Griko and Algueres. 477 more words


Jonas gets into character

His character has a Sicilian accent.

Jonas Israel has been brushing up on his accent to play Carlo Vespucci in CHARLIE GETS SCREWED.

He’s working hard for this movie. 9 more words

Road Tripping Day 11 & 12

I don’t want this feeling to end. I wish I could wrap it up and keep it in a little box so whenever I want it back, I could have it in a moment’s notice. 400 more words


Don't Mess With Me or Mine

Don’t mess with me or mine. This is the unspoken code of the Sicilian people. The small island is beautiful but filled with suffering, brutality, and oppression. 85 more words


About the Author

Geraldine DVillalba was born in San Francisco, California. As a teenager, she moved to the tiny hamlet of San Carlos.  At the local high school in Redwood City, she met the love of her life. 21 more words


Forget KitchenAid — Dolce & Gabbana is collaborating on kitchen appliances

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

The INSIDER Summary:

  • Dolce & Gabbana teamed up with Smeg to produce a line of small kitchen appliances that double as art.
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