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“Honey, eat another cupcake.”

Antoinette “Tana” Custode is my great aunt and the feistiest 86 year-old woman I have ever known. She’s Sicilian (she married into an Italian family so we don’t let her live that down) and she’ll feed you well past your stomach’s capacity, if you’ll let her. 219 more words


You Bring Out the Sicilian in Me

. . . You bring out the Cosa Nostra in me.

The fiery Sicilian in me.

The inevitable tommy gun explosion, roar and intensity in me. 189 more words


Through Their Words and My Eyes

I “met” Karen La Rosa online when we both participated in a documentary about Sicily produced by Mark Spano. A fascinating and charming man himself, he raved about her insight, eloquence and passion for Sicily. 711 more words


Sicilian Women Are Scrubbers

Honestly. They spend more time scrubbing, washing and generally sanitising things than they do in any other activity, save possibly ironing.

This year, I am joining in the spirit of things by spring cleaning early. 1,628 more words


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I first wrote this for my Sicilian Godmother blog - it perfectly introduces my mother-in-law, one of the main protagonists in my new novel The dangerously Truthful Diary of a Sicilian Housewife"

The Best First Sicilian Dish Ever

Hi guys! Miss me? Well.. if you did, can you keep it up, miss me for maybe 2 or 3 more days? Because then I can finally tell you why I have been all over the place (literally)! 680 more words

Guest Posts

'Alcara Pink'

This is a traditional variety of Alcara Li Fusi, a village in the Nebrodi Mountains of northeastern Sicily, Italy. Indeterminate, regular leaf plants produce medium to large-sized, scalloped irregular roundish fruits, 6-12 oz., used for paste, sauce, or fresh-eating. 53 more words



‘Licatese’ is an heirloom tomato from Licata, Sicily.