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Orange Squirrel

The Orange Squirrel, Bloomfield NJ

In an odd place on Bloomfield Avenue in Bloomfield NJ there is a small, unassuming restaurant called The Orange Squirrel. Noted only by a sing out front of an illustrated squirrel, the inside is also nothing fancy or striking.   816 more words


Pizza Reviews

Pizza Review

Plain Slices – When we say “plain” we mean regular, nothing fancy, no pepperoni, no four cheese, just your basic average slice that you can get every day, anywhere.   282 more words


Friday specials in Madison

Tonight at Sal’s on Johnson st.

Thai tacos: kafir like braised pork shoulder, butternut squash, shiitakes, long beans, finished with Thai basil, crispy fried noodles and ham pla pirk ( Thai spicy fish sauce) 45 more words


Artist of the Month: Alicia Smith (Interview, Pt. 4)

I’ve gone through periods of my life when I experienced bouts of sexual anxiety and androphobia. In a moment of resentment I found myself contemplating men, and how I felt they were born with a weapon and In an act of aesthetic retribution I drew Huitzilopochtli, the 5th sun, who I killed, acting as Coyolxauhqui, the moon. 107 more words

Four Easy Pasta Dishes

Four Easy Pasta Dishes

Four easy to make pasta dishes take very few ingredients and all are very economic.  Top left:  Americana; simply diced pancetta (bacon will work if you can’t find pancetta but nearly every supermarket now sells it); garlic, hot pepper flakes, sliced onions, tomato puree and a thicker long pasta like spaghetti.   117 more words


Italian Cuisine and the Mediterranean Diet

This semster in Viterbo I have the privilege of being in “Italian Cuisine and the Mediterranean Diet.” There are two parts to the course. Half of our classes take place in a classroom at Tuscia University, where we learn about the culture of food in the different regions of Italy and the history behind it. 73 more words

Study Abroad

Artist of the Month: Alicia Smith (Interview, Pt. 3)

Cipactli and Tezcatlipoca is about the labor and abnegation of our mothers on behalf of their children. How it seems in creation myths all over the world, the great mother is deconstructed by a man, usually her son, who makes a habitable landscape for people from her. 118 more words