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sick B*STARDS!!!

Noooooo, not YOU people!!  “sick B*STARDS” is the title of a new book by Matt Shaw, for which 4-LAN has written a great review over at his blog, “What I am Reading.” 25 more words

Matt Shaw 'Sick B*stards' Review

Written by: Matthew J. Barbour 

Matt Shaw is a relative newcomer to the horror genre, but is incredibly prolific. Since beginning his career in 2004, Shaw has written more than 50 stories. 371 more words


Can I have me some Dominatrix please with a side of body wax to go with it- The story of the Ass-Assinator

Two posts in one day! Yayy right!

Oh well- hear this out, I had to puke this on you or it won’t be worth it, would it? 539 more words

I'm dead - So are the Hamsters - So is my son. Are you happy now!

This people, this is what you did. I warned you, but Mobious, Lynette, Combat and Sophia did it anyway.

All over the house are dead hamsters. 172 more words