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sick B*STARDS!!!

Noooooo, not YOU people!!  “sick B*STARDS” is the title of a new book by Matt Shaw, for which 4-LAN has written a great review over at his blog, “What I am Reading.” 25 more words

Matt Shaw 'Sick B*stards' Review

Written by: Matthew J. Barbour 

Matt Shaw is a relative newcomer to the horror genre, but is incredibly prolific. Since beginning his career in 2004, Shaw has written more than 50 stories. 371 more words


Can I have me some Dominatrix please with a side of body wax to go with it- The story of the Ass-Assinator

Two posts in one day! Yayy right!

Oh well- hear this out, I had to puke this on you or it won’t be worth it, would it? 539 more words

I'm dead - So are the Hamsters - So is my son. Are you happy now!

This people, this is what you did. I warned you, but Mobious, Lynette, Combat and Sophia did it anyway.

All over the house are dead hamsters. 172 more words


My Biscuits are Burning Just Looking at This

Vodka. Is there any more glorious nectar from your father’s liquor cabinet? (The correct answer is no.)

In the past few years Vodka tramps like yours truly have enjoyed a delightful trend in the booze industry, the flavored Vodka boom! 359 more words