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In work a half hour and already I’m moody. Not because anything has gone specifically wrong just a general feeling of lame. The weekend was gonna in just a wink of an eye and we are back to square one. 20 more words

go off the grid... or run away to hawaii

  • So, as of late, I’ve had this intense urge to either go off the grid and live in a straw hut with a veggie garden and acquire some sheep, or run away to Hawaii and enjoy the simpler life on one of the little islands.
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I’m just so damn sian of life.

Sick of certain people, sick of Singapore’s environment and weather

I’m just desperate to escape to Vietnam and Korea. 10 more words

Feel my wrath...

I genuinely feel for amenities companies who have to deal with me… I’ve worked in this job for 6 years… i’m unhappy… and HATE bad service. 273 more words

I found the problem_ _ _ _ _ _s

I’d say there’s one but that’d be lying to you, i have several:

1. Depression is hereditary: my mother had it and TA DAAAAAA so do I.. 246 more words


I am so sick of life. Crawling into my shell.

Tired 2.0

I could use a fairy godmother
Right about now…
Anytime please
I’m waiting

I’m tired
My brain hurts
My shoulders droop from all the stress… 158 more words