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I wear three watches on my Left wrist. Only one of them works, the others froze before I bought them. Its face glinting in the sun, I admire my Tweedy Bird perched next to the text: “I tawt I taw a puddy tat!” at 8 hours, 7 minutes, 18 seconds on repeat. 444 more words

Flu Season is here!

I love a planned vacation, I love the week that I take off,  knowing I am going to relax and have “me time”. But sometimes the “vacations” aren’t planned or relaxing, actually they are the exact opposite. 599 more words


My Grandfather is getting to the age were he says random stuff

Like yesterday, I was at his house cleaning and he said”Hey goat-fucker!”All I could do was laugh because he knows I only fuck horses


Why do Jewish men get circumcised?

Because Jewish women won’t touch anything thats not 25% off


I have survived…

I’ve spent nearly a week trying to recover from this. 548 more words

Wild Card