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Caring For Others Starts With Caring For Ourselves

When it comes to taking care of others, we can’t do it until we take care of ourselves. Whether we are talking about our country helping others, or we, as a parent, want to provide for our children – until we are stable, we can’t offer much to anyone else. 430 more words


It Is That Bad

I suffer from chronic migraines. I have had these migraines on and off since I was around 8 years old. I remember sitting in crippling pain in my year 5 class crying my eyes out and feeling utterly pathetic – soon after I lost my vision and was escorted to the sick bay to be collected by my mum. 514 more words

The Search

As you may already be aware I’ve taken up surfing. Usually down on the Oregon coast (Seaside, Cannon Beach) or out at Westport, WA. I’ll either borrow Kt’s sister’s surfboard or rent one from a local surf shop. 466 more words


Bits and Pieces of May 2017

Bangkok. Me and KL took a short trip to Bangkok this month because we always like to travel together on our birthday month. While we were there, we met with Lewis to celebrate his birthday! 118 more words


#468 Churchies give me coffee and a muffin

Ahhh. Hot, sweet, hot, sweet (did I say hot?) coffee, accompanied by a perfectly executed warm egg and bacon muffin.

I almost didn’t have this. If I didn’t act precautionary and stuff extra coins into my coffee purse… 505 more words


The 'Eat' in Defeat

I’m sitting here now after a day full of activities on Mothers Day, celebrating my sweet mom and go figure…. (selfishly) all I can think about right now is how many days I’ve gone without showering. 753 more words