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Would Taking the Batteries Out of the Smoke Detector be Wise?

Less than a month into my new job, I caught a cold. It’s the middle of fucking summer and I have a cold. I also have no sick time occurred. 524 more words



Whoa, intro! *insert radical talking sea turtle here*

My name is Katie. I am 24 years old: an aspiring teacher, a wannabe writer, and an avid reader. 745 more words


My Little Miracle

August 15th, 2014 my husband and I found out we were expecting our first little miracle. With this came a rush of emotions: love, fear, excitement, anxiety, and so much more. 1,048 more words


Is That Contagious? Croup

Prior to having kids, I was a bit of a winter fan. It was all about comfort eating (ok I still do that), snuggling in bed on a Saturday morning, wearing lovely cream knitted cardies and keeping them clean (slight fib there) and passing out with the heater on after a bottle of red.  707 more words


How are you supposed to know if you deserve better?

He’s blowing smoke out of the car window and her hands are trying to fuse to the wheel. White knuckles and a clenched jaw but he’s too drunk and stupid to notice. 662 more words



Dysthymia is a kind of depression that has ups and downs. It’s what my physician has down in my medical record as my type of depression. 302 more words

Hot Mess

OW, I bit my tongue

Ow, I bit my tongue!  No not really however I did try to pop a capsule directly from the foil package and you know the type I mean.   198 more words