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Last Friday, I got mastitis for the first time. It was the worst sickness ever! It hit me out of no where! All started on Thursday, my whole body was aching at work. 196 more words


Various - Etiquette, Opinions, and Oddities - 1st June 1935

Ha! I just realised that I do that a lot but it’s usually accompanied by an apology for being sick!

This is still absolutely relevant today! 102 more words


It's bragging time

I am smashing it with the twins!

I don’t usually brag about my parenting or try to make out like I’m a perfect parent because I’m always second guessing myself and worrying I’m doing a shit job. 163 more words


Sick but Happy

Some of you guys know that I hate the sun and heat. Well, a couple of days ago I got a fever and it didn’t go away until I spent the night downstairs on the sofa. 150 more words


Study Abroad Sickness

The first two weeks of study abroad were great, but week three hit everyone hard. It seemed like half our group got sick, including myself. Week four, everyone who wasn’t sick week three got sick from their friends/roommates who were sick the week before. 921 more words


The Reckless Sick (Born Broken)

The heavy door slammed shut behind her and Levi shot his head back in her direction.

“Hey, you came.” He gave her a cheesy grin and held out a bottle of beer as she walked towards him. 940 more words

Short Story