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Grateful for Intolerance

Grateful for intolerance?  Who would really be grateful for that?   I have yet to do is clarify that statement, which will put the ‘intolerance’ in perspective. 728 more words

Writings By Lynn K. Scott

Head colds are like Frat Bros

Do you ever feel yourself getting sick and you don’t want to go to sleep because colds always take advantage of your unconsciousness?

It’s like being at a party and it’s just you and the cold who haven’t passed out yet and you know that as soon as you do, the cold is going to draw all over you with permanent marker and it’s going to be days and days until it all comes off.


Friday Funday?

No Friday Funday for me, I’m still sick.

Quick post today–I’ve been meaning to share the few runs I’ve done, but I’ve been under the weather all week. 223 more words


Nope, I Can't Handle My Life

First, I m sick, so I m exhausted (saw doctor and went home). I m behind on everything. I m mostly unnoticed by the world unless I m disappointing people. 83 more words

Under the weather...

My logical brain says that it is merely coincidence, but the more irrational me is blaming Mother Nature for my current condition. Stuffy nose, sinus pressure. 201 more words

Commentary On Life

Shin Splints, Stomach Bugs and Colds

Life once in a while throws us a curve ball to maybe make us slow down. Sometimes we are too caught up in a moment and forget we need to rest. 397 more words


Air travel - no perfect protection against calculated malice

It’s shocking when there’s a major air disaster, despite air travel being one of the safest modes of travel for the majority of us.

It’s especially shocking when one nutter can deliberately cause the deaths of 150 innocent travellers as seems to have happened in the French Alps. 370 more words