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The Summer Cold

Throughout most of the year I suffer from allergies. I look at it as my body feeling bad for Mother Nature. J/k. Allergies suck. But what sucks more than allergies is the Summer Cold. 258 more words

Camping, and Working, and Camping, Oh My!

When I started this summer, I knew one thing was certain: I was going to be extremely busy. I would be at camp working three weeks and as a camper one week; and when I wasn’t at camp, I would be babysitting. 400 more words


4 most common illnesses, when to keep you child home from school

KNOXVILLE, TN (WATE) – With students heading back to school, it doesn’t take an “A” in math to figure out that more kids plus long periods of times equals more germ sharing and increased chances of getting sick. 273 more words


It's happening again... 

It’s happening again. I thought everything is fine already since she survive longer than my last female betta. I don’t think there is something wrong with the water since my male betta, neon and yamato is doing well. 167 more words


Bacterial Infection vs. Viral Infection

Yes we are coming upon that season. The season of colds, flu, coughing, sneezing and holding up in confined areas, it is THAT time of year. 382 more words


Homemade chai tea

Are you sick and embracing the winters curse?

Then this post is definitely for you. I made myself some homemade chai tea which include the following: 55 more words