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I'm Sick

Hey loves,

Jus wanted to make a quick update before I go to class.

I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting much, I’ve been super busy with school and other things. 230 more words

Tuesday, September 27th

Still nothing new to report! Mom is the same. Her Aunt Agnes (who lives in Quebec and is quite old now) called me all upset and concerned because she wasn’t able to understand my mom on the phone anymore. 345 more words

#216 Helping Hubbie

Hubbie always comes to the rescue when I need it. He can see it in my face, hear it in my tone, and judge by the way my body sags with every sigh. 291 more words


GOT7 - Sick (아파)

Yeah Woo Baby No Hey Neoege deureul su eoptneun mal Yeah
Nae yeopeman isseo dallan Woah
Ni mareul ajik gieokhae 352 more words

I'm clearly in better shape than I realize

I went running yesterday.

For reasons I won’t go into here, I had a terrible need to burn off some adrenaline last night.  It was so obvious that my wife – who is as wise as she is beautiful – pretty much pushed me out the door to go walking.   162 more words

Signs Of Progress

A promise to the boy who broke me

Being here makes you sick

You say that it’s not me

It’s you

You use these words to try to reassure me

They don’t

They cut deeper than any blade I’ve pressed into my skin… 207 more words


First day of this month's challenge 9/26

Well, it’s 9/26/2016 and the first day of the diet challenge. Hooray, right? I actually ended up getting pretty sick today, I was supposed to go to school but that didn’t happen :/ I don’t want to go there and be treated like some sort of plague…I just have a cold but I guess it is distracting. 265 more words