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Day 338: Under the weather

That’s about all I have the energy to say.  Not feeling well sucks.


Break down, break down

I like to be organised. I like to have plans and I like to know what the plan is. I find it challenging to go for days on end without there being any plans or structure. 465 more words

Highly Sensitive

That Eventual Release 

Keeping things bottled in may help you push through but it wont help you stay true to yourself. Whether its stress, sadness, or anything else you make be feeling, one day you’re going to need to let it go and it’ll suck. 228 more words



How I try to help myself feel better physically or emotionally

Well this chilly chill weather finally took us DOWN.  Me and the hubby are sick…it’s weird too, I’ve never in our whole marriage seen Daniel’s body shut down like this from a cold.   605 more words


The Everything Challenge - Work Out with me ! Day 15 + One Sick Vegan

Hey, what about making a workout-video whilst suffering from a cold ? Here we go ! Plus extra complaining.

I put four challenges together : abs, squats, push-ups and planking. 35 more words


Allergies: When Over Protectiveness Can Kill

Food allergies are a major problem in society nowadays. A lot of my friends carry Epi-Pens because they have peanut or dairy allergies. Nowadays I am quite used to seeing my friends carry Epi-Pens. 405 more words

Ginger Root

When Winter comes, a sinus cold is usually quick to follow. And when on the verge of sickness, the first thing that pops into my mind is Ginger which, although prized for treating nausea and indigestion, also helps to improve blood circulation. 117 more words