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Out Of Spoons

Today has been a long day. For the first time ever I drove over 2 consecutive hours. For a spoonie like myself ridding in a vehicle is exhausting, let alone driving. 91 more words


Looking for Attention

social misfit,
disgusting, despicable, degenerate
hides behind a
wall of wanton words
pretending, postulating promiscuous
ideals indiscriminately
to innocent passersby

it’s a shame
that you missed… 17 more words

Insomnia, a sinus infection, and an ear infection.

I’ve been having insomnia for a little over a week, hard to fall asleep, wake up several times a night, and I’ve been frequently waking up at 4am and not being able to sleep again period, even after taking 2 Benadryl. 147 more words


In case you wondering - people get sick

Hey blog family

This is what I told my instagram family, I wanted to share this with you as well.

This is where I went to, dehydration and bladder infection later with a visit to the emergency care center which was quite pleasant being my first visit to the emergency center of my adult life. 219 more words


A String of Bad Luck

It’s turned into one of those weeks.  You know the kind….where we seem to be running a string of bad luck.  I feel as though it would be best if we just stayed home and hid from the world for a little bit. 371 more words


Day 10

So, I didn’t leave the house today. At all.

I actually wasn’t feeling very well. So today was a very, very, very lazy day. Which may or may not have involved a nap. 47 more words

14 Week Health "Challenge"