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Attack of the Pollen (unless it's just another cold). So here's a bit of a ghost story...

Pounding, twinging, aching sinuses. I’d be 100% certain it’s allergies except my stomach is off too, although that could also be a result of having had that third coffee / second café mocha this afternoon. 351 more words

Really Random Stuff

The Common Cold: The Most Inconsiderate of Species

I’m sure you can guess by the title that I recently caught a cold. Because of this pesky virus, I missed a day of work and, more importantly, this week’s dance lesson. 558 more words


Sick calls - cool?

I took a job at a local elementary school when my son was 4 months old. Many thought that I was crazy, but they didn’t know what was driving me (other than the need to be social); 345 more words

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

I have had the worst cold for the past week! I hate being sick and I am never hungry except for a few cravings. During this cold, I was craving cold grapes and cereal! 176 more words

We're Going Down Down and Sugar We're Going Down Swinging

Alright lovlies! I am back, have nice little antibiotics raging through my system, and couldn’t be happier. Guess who’s managed to get back down to 226 as of this morning? 353 more words


Crohns is a bitch.

im done with all the nice talks and the motivational posts, they are not okay for today.

Just finished university forever yesterday- happy days! Went out last night and woke up this morning with crohns pains live and kicking ; and for anybody reading who thinks I’m overreacting with a hangover you have quite clearly never experienced the discomfort and quite specific painful feeling to which I am now referring. 219 more words