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Teddy Touches the Toucan

The man’s cousin, Timmy, and his wife and child had come to visit his pet store. When they arrived, the adults talked while Teddy, their child, was left alone to do anything as he pleased in the store. 63 more words

Missing Memories

This morning I wasn’t really feeling well in the office. There’s this internal, physical pain in my upper abdomen (I’m taking some meds by the way), and whenever I would feel it throbbing I would become anxious, further complicating my condition. 416 more words


Flu Fighting

Remember yesterday when I said I was sick with a cold and sore throat? Turns out it was a flu all along. I’m not good at identifying illnesses. 25 more words


9 Ways to Cope with Man Flu, a Woman's Guide

If you have a man with an immune system weaker than an infant’s, here are a few strategies to get you through his next bout of man flu: 256 more words

Daily Musings #105

I swear that sometimes

My body hates me

Just when I think we’re cool

It throws me a curveball

Or just straight up stops working

Lazy bastard

Writings And Musings

A Dozen

The first line of ones self defense should always be a sneeze.