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trying to understand

Trying to explain your illness to other people can be confusing and difficult when your still trying to figure things out, and find answers yourself. 16 more words


Under such good weather...

Glurg. I’ll leave this here.

Bed Beggar

Coughing shout
Sickened dead, today
someone, bring me tea!
drive the pitiful away.

Have a great day. And, if you’re like I am right now, get well soon.


How Jenny McCarthy saved the vaccine industry

It would seem that the goal of vaccination is the elimination of disease. So as we approached the new century, scientists could proudly say that we’d eradicated small pox and polio, that we had eliminated measles in the US in 2000, that we had eliminated rubella from the Americans in 2009. 732 more words


Sickness: Encore [?]

So I was almost able to recover from this stupid flu¬†yesterday but somehow it got a little stronger this morning. Not that I’m in the state of panic (since most of us here are still under the weather), but I’m just frustrated that I might be in this condition for a while longer. 118 more words


Just a little update. 

I usually don’t take these silly personality quizzes. I find them a huge waste of time and just plain boring. My life is way too hectic to have time to sit and find out my personality from an internet test. 495 more words

Summer Vacation Is Not For Getting Sick

DISCLAIMER: This post has to do with personal illness. I’m going to try and spare you from the worst of the gory details, but sometimes when I start writing, words just come out. 877 more words



When we came back from New York my wife started to not feel so well. She ended up with a monster cold that kept her in bed for nearly the entire weekend. 94 more words