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I Gots Da Feeva...

Good morning! Going back to work today, after being out two days with a high fever (37.3 ~ 39.5) and just aching all over. It started Sunday afternoon, not long after I took Alex out on his bike. 183 more words

R.B.Bailey Jr

What a turn of events! (not really)

I honestly apologize for my lack of updates. I have been feeling absolutely horrible lately! I had the worst cold I haveĀ EVER experienced and now I have another ailment that i’m awaiting a diagnosis on so I can treat it. 124 more words


Energy 0%

Ah the joy of having a chronic illness along with sleep issues and an addition of jet lag. Not a great combination. I have a scheduled appointment to see a neurologist in August and have another sleep study in November. 60 more words

My Couch Is My Best Friend Today

So apologies for not writing the last few days. I have not been feeling well at all and have been knocked on my butt by some kind of virus or cold. 321 more words

6 Word Prompts - July 16th

Late again – due to me being sick on Monday. But I’m recovering now and catching up. I promise I will start doing more than just these 6 word prompts again. 87 more words

Weird Ramblings Of My Mind

A scary night

Hey everyone, I know it’s been quite a while. We have had a REALLY busy past few weeks. I’m planning on writing a big, general update encompassing all that we did those few weeks since I last wrote, but I wanted to write this one separate because it’s more important and could help other parents of MCADD children. 687 more words