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Getting Sick

As I get further into my career as a diabetic I have discovered new and exciting elements to contend with. The most exciting being my blood sugar goes high when I am sick. 153 more words

Living With Diabetes

How to Avoid Getting Sick at Work

It’s flu season. Germs are spreading and everywhere you turn someone else is calling out of work for a bug that sounds more viral than the last. 253 more words


TED talks about sickness and success

I found some really interesting videos this week on TED. The first one I ran into was on ‘what makes us get sick’. It was interesting to hear a different kind of doctors point of view for once. 298 more words


Disposable Diary Snaps | Vol. 13 | Pablo Neruda

Hello— yup, an intro to this snaps entry… I woke up not feeling very well today, and so I took time off at work to rest, and cope up with whatever virus I have at the moment. 209 more words



Sore throat feels like words

Caught halfway out, snagged on some

Reservation. Shhh.


chronic illness

I was stunned.

The words leapt off the page.

Since you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness, asthma, we are here to help… 336 more words


Down by not out

Originally posted on my personal blog, see the original here.


When you have a set back with illness, it’s so easy to feel like it’s the end of the world, like you’ve failed, like there’s no point in you trying. 499 more words