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The Doctor's Visit

For the past couple days, I’ve been sick and sound like Pennywise the clown before he hit puberty.  So yesterday, I went to the doctor because my mom thought I had strep throat (I don’t, just a virus).  273 more words

I like my light bulbs how I like my women:

easily turned on, not too bright, and strung from my ceiling by a chain.


February 21: NOOOooooooo!!!!

I stayed home because my son is sick with the flu. I ended the day with a prescription for Tamiflu because now I’m getting sick and the symptoms are close enough to flu that the online doctor visit prescribed it for me. 281 more words

Fear of the Lord...

Welcome back to another post, readers! We will be discussing the song “Go Be the Voice” by the metalcore band Beartooth. Coming from their debut EP titled Sick, Beartooth made an intense song. 597 more words

Fighting the Flu

Well, here we are: we’re on our way to the end of February and the flu is spreading like wildfire at my workplace. And I am currently in recovery day 5 of having the flu. 398 more words