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The Common Cold

According to the Director of Health and Wellness Center, Terry Dadez, R.N., the common cold is an illness caused by a virus.

The common cold begins when a virus attaches to the lining of a person’s nose or throat. 665 more words

National News


Some days, I wake up and just feel like garbage.  Take today, for example.  My ears are ringing, I’ve got a tension headache, my eyes are sticky and heavy, my teeth hurt, my head is too heavy for my neck – et cetera, et cetera.   251 more words

What I Feel

Film: I, Daniel Blake

I, Daniel Blake

Director Ken Loach – Screenwriter Paul Laverty

I do not normally go to cinemas, I would rather watch a film at home, but I made an exception to go to see… 324 more words


Gaining Weight

So if you have read my other posts you would know that Luna is very small, isn’t eating, and was loosing weight. After talking to a few beardie owners we took bits of what everyone said and are trying it with Luna. 431 more words

Bearded Dragon

Sick of Being Sick.

Since I have started working for our local county government hre in North Carolina about 8 months ago, I have constantly been sick. Everything from stomach bugs to strep throat- you name it, I’ve contracted it. 440 more words


The Thing You Do, But Can't

You know that feeling when the alarm goes off at whatever-dark-thirty, you reach over to turn it off, and every muscle in your body protests? Or maybe it’s your throat which feels like it turned into sandpaper overnight. 1,088 more words

Mental Health

*INCREDIBLE* transformation of sick dog who had given up hope - YouTube

Impressive transformation of dog that was waiting to DIE. **************** Do not miss the video: ;

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