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Bunged up

So today I have woken up with a blocked nose and a pounding headache but today is a good day.

I get to laze around in my PJs all day, had a lay in and the weather is beautiful for a November. 29 more words

#2202 - When Flu Strikes


My stomach did not feel too well the morning after my tennis lesson through the rain a couple of weeks ago; as in I felt like I had a “bug” (I wasn’t physically injured, btw, haha :P ). 901 more words

Zilko's Life

How to beat the bugs this winter

I like to think I have a relatively strong immune system.

I don’t get sick often, and I haven’t been sick for a couple of years, actually. 303 more words

On The Edge Of Everything

Sick Days: A Call Center Agents Dilemma

As a general rule, most people don’t want to take time off work when they are ill. they’d rather just get one with it. Especially when their main symptom is a cough and sore throat. 440 more words



I have a Sick friend so sick poem for all the cared for and the carers.

You must be bored.
You need your uke.
And a toon to toot. 138 more words


Change In Plans

I was going to attend a conference today.  Actually, I was going to meet a friend first, attend the conference and meet up with a colleague afterwards.  235 more words


I hate being sick

Being sick is horrible. I’d rather be so sick that I can’t go to school than have a cold. Overall I’d rather not be sick. Waking up and not being able to breathe… walking around all day feeling achy… feeling like you’re going to pass out… I’d rather be at home all day sleeping in my bed watching Netflix. 38 more words