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Hillary's Health Faltering Already With No Debate Break?

For the past month Hillary has taken off long stretches every week to focus on “debate prep.”  Before that, she had been showing more and more signs of illness and physical problems with the greatest example being her passing out at the 9-11 Memorial.   225 more words


Fear and disgust
Disgrace, distrust
Wretched retching, freezing, snaking
Shaking on the floor.

Naked, fearful, colored, tearful
Sick from pills and steam
Caught in between delight and death
Where wicked torment gleams.


My First Fever Away From Home: A Guide on How to Deal and Survive Your Illness Without Your Parents

Yesterday, I fell ill. Not deathly ill, not anything like that, I’m okay. I had a little thing called the 12 hour fever. That’s right. I was sick for the first time since I’ve left for college. 1,133 more words




This is a good self-portrait of me these days. I’ve been pretty confined to my bed. I’m just so exhausted and achy and tired from all this “being pregnant” thing. 106 more words

Shoot Who You Are

Sick Days

I used to be girl crazy. Chasing women was pretty much the top narrative in my life. Back then, the only thing that would ground me and bring me back to reality was getting sick. 482 more words


Tough Week

I’ve had a tough couple of weeks. I’ve tried to blog but I was never satisfied with anything I wrote. That along with some health issues, I just haven’t been able to catch a break. 63 more words


Why am I doing this?

While I start this blog, I am home sick from work with what I can best describe as a pressure cooker sitting atop my neck, but is more commonly known as a (severe?) head cold. 451 more words