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Who knew?

And then

Who would have ever guessed that being sick is just bad for your overall health?

Many things have been happening as I am sure you are well aware. 1,556 more words



I can feel,

The bitter sandpaper coating my throat,
Oceans of mucus and snot,
Pouring down my sinuses,
Bones aching,
Head aching.

I feel aged, 69 more words


Life's a Bitch, But It Finds a Way: The Story of Mixed Messages

Disease is a creep. It lurks in the corners of our bodies, twiddling its thumbs and stroking its villainous mustache, or without warning, it simply appears — bing-bang-boom, THE PARTY HAS ARRIVED. 395 more words



No better word to summarize how I’m feeling, ha. Really tired. My back hurts, & I think I’m starting to get cramps (which shouldn’t start til tomorrow). 177 more words

Getting Discouraged!

Hello Reader,

I have been quiet busy the last few weeks looking for a job and it hasn’t been easy I have applied to lots of places more than I care to think about have a few interviews but so far nothing has panned out. 198 more words


Feeling the Pinch

Every uni student will be familiar with the ‘pinch point’ of the semester; that moment when we look at everything that needs to be done and think, “Shit, how did I end up in this situation?”.   551 more words

Personal Life

Just a quick observation here.

I’m currently standing in my kitchen, very hungry and feeling quite faint, but ‘unable’ to make myself some food…why? Because I’m stressed. 170 more words