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Sick Day

Yesterday, I was off sick. Or rather, I was off sick on behalf of my son, who couldn’t go to school. As is the way with extreme youth, all it took to steady his ship was to bring up his breakfast and doze for an hour. 436 more words

General Irrelevance

The rise of the "pull a sickie" culture.

Not too many years ago we lived in socially different times, we all agreed on the way we raised our children and as old-fashioned as these ways now seem they got humanity thus far.   797 more words


"Maybe you should see a doctor."

Doctors? Who has time for going to the doctor?

“I don’t have a doctor.” I answer truthfully. In fact, I’ve never had a doctor; I can count the number of physicals I’ve had on one hand. 637 more words

Los Angeles

My Hero

admit it – who hasn’t pulled a ‘sickie’ once in a while?

we’re amateurs, though, when compared to AK Verma, an electrical engineer in India who was finally sacked by his employer for failing to turn up for work for the past 24 years – … 94 more words


Medical Seclusion

There was a truly desperate sparrow outside my apartment building this morning. 35 degrees Fareinheit and raining and that little bird was taking a most enthusiastic bath in a puddle. 1,079 more words

Send Help

Italian Cops Cop Out

being ill sucks at any time, but especially so over the festive season when everyone else is partying

spare a thought then for the 83% of cops in Rome who phoned in sick on New Years Eve – … 20 more words


What's the statute of limitations on a sickie?

7th November 2014 – Docs in the house (Sony Xperia Z2)

I’m not comfortable in a world where ‘the 1990’s’ is a legitimate theme for a party… 27 more words

24 Hours A Thousand Word Essay - Sept To Dec 2002