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One of the things I dislike most about being an adult is getting sick. Let me count the ways…

(1) I don’t like when I’m sick enough that I need to miss work, because this means I have to use up leaves (if I do have any) or go without pay for the days I miss work when I’m not entitled to paid leaves. 456 more words



I woke up this morning not feeling too chipper.  A blinding headache and lethargy.  I had a cup of tea and lay down on the salon settee and slept for another two hours.  423 more words

Vancouver To Glacier Bay, Alaska

Why chucking a "Sickie" is OK*

*every once in a while.

This week I did something scandalous that I’ve never done before. I “wagged school”. Or as “adults” call it, “work”. 417 more words



I’ve been sick since Sunday with something some symptoms says sinus infection others say cold. Thinking allergies/ sinus issues being the ultimate culprit. Really driving me nuts though because I just want to feel like doing stuff and I want to sleep. 406 more words


Word of the day and serendipity - 'presenteeism'

It is wonderful  how the world conspires to send you a message.

Today when driving to an appointment I heard the word of the day for my local radio station – PRESENTEEISM. 715 more words



so. I missed the COTD and the IOTD yesterday, I was really sick. I woke up to my eye swollen shut and when I finally got it to where I could open it a bit, it looked like I had pink eye. 282 more words