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"Maybe you should see a doctor."

Doctors? Who has time for going to the doctor?

“I don’t have a doctor.” I answer truthfully. In fact, I’ve never had a doctor; I can count the number of physicals I’ve had on one hand. 637 more words

Los Angeles

My Hero

admit it – who hasn’t pulled a ‘sickie’ once in a while?

we’re amateurs, though, when compared to AK Verma, an electrical engineer in India who was finally sacked by his employer for failing to turn up for work for the past 24 years – … 94 more words


Medical Seclusion

There was a truly desperate sparrow outside my apartment building this morning. 35 degrees Fareinheit and raining and that little bird was taking a most enthusiastic bath in a puddle. 1,079 more words

Send Help

Italian Cops Cop Out

being ill sucks at any time, but especially so over the festive season when everyone else is partying

spare a thought then for the 83% of cops in Rome who phoned in sick on New Years Eve – … 20 more words