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Why chucking a "Sickie" is OK*

*every once in a while.

This week I did something scandalous that I’ve never done before. I “wagged school”. Or as “adults” call it, “work”. 417 more words



I’ve been sick since Sunday with something some symptoms says sinus infection others say cold. Thinking allergies/ sinus issues being the ultimate culprit. Really driving me nuts though because I just want to feel like doing stuff and I want to sleep. 406 more words


Word of the day and serendipity - 'presenteeism'

It is wonderful  how the world conspires to send you a message.

Today when driving to an appointment I heard the word of the day for my local radio station – PRESENTEEISM. 715 more words



so. I missed the COTD and the IOTD yesterday, I was really sick. I woke up to my eye swollen shut and when I finally got it to where I could open it a bit, it looked like I had pink eye. 282 more words


Sick Day

Yesterday, I was off sick. Or rather, I was off sick on behalf of my son, who couldn’t go to school. As is the way with extreme youth, all it took to steady his ship was to bring up his breakfast and doze for an hour. 436 more words

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