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Mother of Toronto teen basketball star who collapsed during game 'hoping for a miracle'

When 17-year-old high school basketball player Rayvonte Ball collapsed on the court last month, his mother assumed he would soon be back on his feet. 709 more words


My Good Old Friend Chemo

Let me start with sorry for the time in-between posts… It has been a busy few weeks!

If I’m being totally honest I haven’t posted because I’ve been trying to forget my first chemo experience. 374 more words


"Where you live shouldn't dictate if you live"

If you’re capable of reading this, it’s likely that you live somewhere relatively nice, where your basic needs are met.

Imagine living somewhere where your basic needs… 337 more words

Happy Reading


Everyones past helped shape who they are today so it’s inevitable that cancer helped shaped me.                                                                                                                                                            

I was diagnosed with cancer for the first time at the age of 2; it was a brain tumour situated  behind my left eye. 493 more words


Queried Sick

By Laura

We shared a post a while back about what we take when you’re ill. And sure there are loads of drugs to take, but how do you turn off your mind?! 445 more words


How Giving Back Has Kept Me Going

The night was like any other. I washed my face, I brushed my teeth, I texted my goodnights, I turned on my heating pad hoping it would help with my abdominal pain and I went to bed. 790 more words

Autoimmune Disease

Mom Life. 😴

Mom Life = never a dull moment. ESPECIALLY Mom Life in the Winter, I am ready for this winter’s colds and viruses to go bye bye. 141 more words