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Mom's are really conquerors (Personal Blog)

This weekend me and my son decided to go downtown the the ten sixty five street party, (what replaced bay fest) to the kids zone. I met up with a couple of co workers and their children as well. 312 more words

Ontario neonatal units facing ‘unusual surge’ in capacity: health minister

The Ontario health ministry says the provincial government will ensure staffing levels are reinforced and additional resources made available at neonatal intensive care units (NICU) across the province following an “unusual surge” of sick and premature babies this summer. 482 more words


Researchers call on province to fund genetic testing for cerebral palsy New study shows genetic variations are a factor in 20 per cent of hemiplegic CP cases

Click the link below to check out this article I found in the Toronto Star regarding Cerebral Palsy and whether it is a genetic condition. Very interesting as I always thought it was from lack of oxygen to the brain in utero or at  birth. 37 more words

Kids get sick

Kids get sick at the most inopportune times in OUR lives. It will either be in the wee hours of the morning, or at school, or weekends, or on holiday, etc. 1,180 more words


Toronto's SickKids hospital honouring dads with new Father’s Day campaign

Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children has released a new video to honour fathers on Sunday as part of their SickKids VS Campaign, which highlights the courage of patients and their families. 271 more words


My Head is Swimming

“My head is swimming” has come to mean something very different than the classic saying people usually associate with it. Hydrocephalus (water and cerebral fluid build up in the brain) is an un-discussed illness.   926 more words

Feature Story

Missing records, duplicated tests; new hospital alliance aims to improve patient care for kids

For the first five years of his life, Matthew Paravan was a typical little boy – happy, active and social – but that all started to change during a family vacation in 2012. 791 more words