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Yes You Can Peen a Sickle

Well, the truth is that the same way not all dogs are trainable, not all sickles are “peenable” either. In general, the sickles with wider and thinner blades that somehow resemble a little bit the shape of a scythe, like the one in the previous picture, can and should be peened the same way a scythe blade can be peened. 276 more words

Titains declaw Gryphons

Tampa, FL – The Sickles Gryphons hosted the Tampa Bay Tech Titans in a district playoff battle with the Titans upsetting the Gryphons, 20-16.

The first half was a back-and-fourth battle with Tampa Bay Tech missing an early 33 yard field goal but it was Sickles that scored first as time expired at the half when Jerson Camacho kicked a 45 yard field goal. 142 more words


27 Secrets Hogwarts Students Won't Tell You

How do they manage their mischief?

Receiving your letter from Hogwarts — even if you're from a wizarding family and know it is coming — is truly a magical experience. 70 more words