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Everyone is happy at the end

It matters
The smiles
The laughters
And the happy faces
Glad that everyone is now happy
To see how positive she is


Pic : she is back on her feet



I know what’s happening

to me

He’s found his way


making me think

in love story


making butterflies

deep inside


and a sickness… 6 more words

Kait King

James Salter's Story in The New Yorker

To mark James Salter’s passing earlier this month, The New Yorker editors posted a link to¬†his¬†powerful story, “Last Night,” on their Facebook timeline. 214 more words


Kidney Stones.

Yesterday I found out that I was lucky enough to have a little kidney stone heading towards my bladder! Yay me! I first realized something was wrong at 9:30am Sunday… 106 more words


Responsibility Behind Mental Illness

Oh, hey there. I guess it’s been a while for me, hasn’t it?

I don’t want to spend too long explaining where I’ve been the past few months, but most of what has kept me away has involved schooling, stress/anxiety/depression-type things, and working hard to build the Bank of Megan’s Back Pocket. 1,349 more words


Recluse // Rebuilt

There was a stretch of my life, if you can really call what I was doing living, where smiles were few and far between and lasted only fractions of a second. 411 more words

Just Life


Is this sickness?

Lack of light? Solid darkness? Under canopies of lovely trees, thick with glossy emerald leaves, where sunshine cannot reach?

On the ground. Broken bits of self. 94 more words

99 Word Flash