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Illness & Injury In Adult Children Of Narcissists

As many of you know, I got very sick in February.  My fireplace’s flue wasn’t functioning right, which resulted in me getting carbon monoxide poisoning.  At its height, I passed out, hitting my head on the log holder beside the fireplace, passing out for around 20 minutes & getting a concussion.   1,268 more words

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Hylands Motion Sickness 50 Tablets Programs

It is true that during their pregnancy, some women experience morning sickness more prominently during the morning and then have it improve significantly during the rest of the day. 223 more words

Know Your Asthma more...

I feel this brochure are quite informative.

just a 10 to 15 mins read, you will get to understand more

i) what is Asthma? 36 more words

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Sickness Saga Still Continues

Overjoyed too soon.

It seems that I have vertigo and something else.

About three days ago I notice a band of “numbness” sensation upper abdomen below my rib cage. 205 more words

Hello, is it me you're looking for?

Man am I bad at keeping this up to date but it has been weighing on me for the last few weeks to put some thing together, so I am finally getting it together to do so. 654 more words


Fundamental Dads Castle Pregnancy Progress Card Morning Sickness

Progesterone hormone tops the list of possible morning sickness causes. Arousal of this hormone affect in the digestive system of pregnant women. This hormone retards all the metabolic functions and digestion is one of those. 379 more words

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The diagnosis: Medially Luxating patella (Grade III-IV) + partially torn or stretched ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). Treatment: NSAID/Anti-inflammatory meds X 2 weeks. Limited/Restricted running, jumping, walking, etc. 260 more words