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Sick days and Making Do

Motherhood is a full time job but do we ever get sick days? or when illness strikes our lives do we just make do? Do you have a choice to do anything other than just to get on with it?  683 more words

Asking For Help

The Attitude of Healing

            Within every person there are powerful inner resources, which are essential to healing. Unfortunately, these resources are useless unless they are openly received. If a person is only focused on their thoughts, they ignore their inner resources. 389 more words


Our Week

I had big plans for homeschool this week. I am slowly switching over to more of a Charlotte Mason method, and this week was supposed to be our first week of introducing all the memory work (Scripture, poetry, and a hymn). 1,629 more words

The cycle of a teacher's immune system

First day of school…

What you want to say when you get a cold.

What you actually end up doing.

First day of holidays…


A Curious Visitor

soon te be edited

Illness encroached me when I least anticipated it Now there’s time to spend with a horrid visitor That visitor is analogous to what I’ve grown to fear Comparable to who I keep so very dear (My mind is so wondrous My mind is quite queer My fancy is so tenebrous My fancy is keen) Now in the delapidated corridors of my temple Dwell spirits of thoughts I can’t afford thinking. 78 more words


The Cost of PIP - Decision Makers - A Law unto themselves

In November last year I reported I’d received my PIP award and disagreeing with it I’d contacted the DWP;  due to the closeness to Christmas, the Call Centre staff member had put in my request for the assessment report and noted  it was “ 553 more words


Sleepless Nights and Too Many Tight Dresses

At 3am, when your wailing, screaming, once-beautiful and not so much anymore, baby looks like this to you: 

And, you are feeling like you want to do this:  422 more words