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The Country is Sick and Needs a Vigilante.

When there is no one to turn to, when those in power are as corrupt and self-serving as the biggest criminals that are behind bars, when the country we live in is throwing it’s guts up because of the bile we are being fed by our governments, police and media; we need to find a hero. 592 more words


Discharged! :) . . . .

I was finally discharged yesterday after almost 5 days in the hospital. I’m glad I left when I did for my psyche, because I had not reached cabin fever yet, and was still slightly uncomfortable “living” in a hospital.   636 more words

Chronic Illness

Indoors vs. Outdoors

My cats are 99%  indoor cats and I would never think of letting them roam freely outside.  My opinion on indoor vs. outdoor depends on where you live.   349 more words


Why I can't have nice things 

If you are curious about whether your child gets carsick, have no fear. They will definitely let you know. They will chose a moment when they have your undivided attention, such as two minutes after you leave the house for an important event, like family pictures. 79 more words


A little stumbling block...

Months in and sickness returned to our house again unexpectedly. Josh had started to settle well in crèche since being moved rooms, work was going well and money was becoming a bit more free flowing. 283 more words

A Mum's Life

On sickness, rest and self-care

Two weeks ago (give or take), my husband caught his annual spring cold. (He struggles with seasonal allergies, but this was a different animal altogether.) I plied him with tea and… 628 more words