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We all love continuity, we love the flow and we love how things follow in order. We love our memories to be intact and progressive, we don’t like it when things are hidden in suspense. 579 more words


Helpful Hints For When You're Vomiting Just About Everywhere

I’ll say it every day until the day I die: MORNING. SICKNESS. IS. BULLHONKEY.

Here’s chiefly why: the prefix ‘morning’ implies the AM. The golden light of dawn. 1,400 more words

truthful perceptions: oven...

As a personal trainer, I get asked by most male clients my age whether exercise can help the “down there…” problem. I inform them if your doctor has ruled out heart disease, enlarged prostate, diabetes, clogged blood vessels, Parkinson’s disease, etc;, then the prognosis for the down their problem is looking up (pun intended). 258 more words

Spiritual Inspiration

In Sickness and in... More Sickness

With three kids and two grown ups in the house it feels as if we’re constantly rolling from one minor illness to another. The steady stream of runny noses, stuffy noses, coughs and traces of fevers that happens no matter how many Vitamin C foods I try to pack into our diets. 715 more words


Ten tips for dealing with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (extreme pregnancy sickness)

I had always looked forward to one day being pregnant – blooming and being able to eat what I wanted. Lovely. What’s not to like? 427 more words

Self-care lessons.

Well, several blood tests and an urgent care/emergency visit later, here I am, sipping on soup from my wonderful boyfriend and staring at the computer screen. 297 more words



Though we were afraid
We stood

Though we trembled

We reached

Though we feared falling

We let go

Though you are far

You caught me… 329 more words


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From the Feathered Sleep