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Spoken:  “I look up to the mountains.  Does my strength come from the mountains?  No.  My strength comes from God, Who made heaven and earth, and the mountains…”  ( 162 more words

Jesus Christ

A Day In the Life, Thanksgiving 2015

Yesterday I woke at 7:00 and, once again, stayed in bed until the anxiety passed. I meditated for twenty minutes, focusing on the breath and relaxation. 459 more words

Journal Entries

and it comes slowly.

I wrote earlier about Maaji and her whole journey.

and I said it was okay to have her sleep all day, if that’s what she wants. 330 more words


She was so tired. She told me to try and clean more tomorrow but that she just wanted to lie down next to me tonight. I made her pasta with alfredo sauce. 107 more words

coffee + milk = joy (*cough*)

Nose still congested

Can’t breaf and always coughing

But still want latte 7 more words


Four Days Doooown.

Mom isn’t talking to me, but it’still so great to be home. She gives me food by putting my plate on the floor so I kind of feel like a pup in a strange way. 564 more words


There is nothing wrong with you...

There is nothing wrong with you, it is all in your head.  These words play on loop in my head, taunting, questioning, and tearing me apart. 1,145 more words

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