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One for the aces

I have a cold. It isn’t fun or pretty.

I think, looking back, I tend to get ‘something’ around this time of year. One year it was hives all down my legs ( I looked like I had been beaten with chains), one year was a huge “sloth thing” on my face, and before that …. 494 more words

My Security Blanket

I’ve been having a hard time with this post. Someone once said,”If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!” Hence my silence. 401 more words

The Ultimate Fix for Your Sore Throat

Being sick for the past three days has led me to this post. Having sore throat is the worst part of being sick for me. But don’t worry I have the best fix for you with no side effects. 200 more words

DIY & Why

Losing Weight; Recovery Cravings

As I got better I couldn’t control my cravings.

So for the past week, I gained almost all of the weight I’ve lost. I find it amazing that my weight can up and down in a matter of days. 51 more words


Yin And Yang #4: The Limits Beyond All Power

Charlie told Yin and Yang, “In case no one is at the house, feel free to go outside get yourselves some snacks. But you have to be careful. 1,685 more words

Yin And Yang


Two weeks ago was our scheduled one week break from school.  We had completed 5 weeks of focused learning, and were looking forward to a week off.   186 more words


Cure for the Common Cold - Maybe?

Morning Sickness Comes to Us All

What do you do when you wake up in the morning and your neck is stiff, your eyes bloodshot, your throat is sore, and you are staring at the sink and bathroom mirror only to realize that its 330 in the morning?  1,559 more words