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Did Sid Miller Really Think There are Good Photos of him out There?

Sid Miller is more concerned about his image than making sure Texas kids get a decent school lunch. The San Antonio Express News reports that Miller desperately tried to get a bad photo taken down in the days after his election.

Texas News

Agriculture Commissioner unveils child nutrition policy plans

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Texas’ agriculture chief, who also oversees the state’s school nutrition programs, announced a school nutrition policy revamp Thursday intended to combat childhood obesity and cut down on food waste. 608 more words


Van tornado highlights Ag Department role in disaster aid

VAN, Texas (KXAN) — Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller walked slowly beside home-sized piles of debris stacked next to several streets in Van, Texas, this week. 732 more words


Trouble in Texas -- Tenacity or Trolling?

Did you guys see the news out of Texas the other day?  As it turns out, Texas’ Agriculture Commissioner, Mr. Sid Miller, is proposing a modification of the Texas Agriculture Code in order to enable public schools to remove restrictions on deep fat frying, sell carbonated drinks (1) and generally insult common sense and any pretense of caring about the health of children (2). 952 more words


"We Took Our Own" by Hannah Saubert and Sid Miller

Dear Jesus in Central Oregon,

We haven’t learned to pray.
And every fence post I kneel to boasts America’s everlasting freedom.
We took our own portrait, 108 more words


Sid Miller - Tool of the Deep Fat Fryer Lobby?

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller (TP-Stephenville) likes to take on the important issues facing our state – like making sure Texas students have better access to deep fat fried foods and sodas.  481 more words

Texas News

Miller bringing some sizzle to Texas ag department

Sid Miller is becoming rapidly the most talked-about Texas agriculture commissioner since, oh, perhaps Jim Hightower.

That’s really saying something.

Hightower used to make reporters laugh out loud with his jokes and quips when he led the TDA in the late 1980s. 286 more words

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