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Curried Broccoli Salad

In the summers, I try to keep my cooking as simple and cool as possible.  During this time of year, we eat a lot of raw fruits and vegetables and salads.  101 more words

Side Dish

Tomato and Sugar Snap Pea Pasta Salad

We’ve really embraced salads recently, especially as this Irish summer has been quite nice and sunny. This works as a main dish or as a side and will feed a large crowd. 410 more words


Five Onion Bisque

Thank you Canyon Ranch for this beautifully healthy soup, its equally delicious as it is surprisingly filling.


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Sweet Potato, Kale & Popped Chickpeas with Za'atar Hummus Dressing

Plump disks of roasted sweet potato, shreds of kale, popped golden turmeric chickpeas, all slathered in an easy and hugely nourishing za’atar hummus dressing. An easy vegan lunch, side dish or salad – the choice is yours. 845 more words


Spicy Kale with White Beans and Garlic

Courtesy to this recent website I have discovered this fabulous recipe and it is called Spa Index. That’t it, spa index. Can you believe how simple that name is? 203 more words

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Okay, okay I know what you’re thinking, this woman is crazy for suggesting I try apple, cranberries AND salmon in one dish. Together. Tossed in a salad. 161 more words

Journey Into Wellbeing

A Tasty Couscous Salad for Summer Barbecues & Picnics

This is an old favourite that we make every summer. The chopped up mushrooms give it a fantastic earthy flavour and it works really well with barbecues and on picnics. 125 more words