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Bunday: We Know THAT Look

Why, that’s Disapproving Side-Eye, that’s what THAT is. (Bruna The Bun, from Flickr.)

WANTED: Cat For Starring Role In CatZilla

HOLLYWOOD, CA., JULY 1, 2015/PRNewswire (For immediate release:)

The Cute Overload Moving Pictures Company is searching for just the right cat to play the lead in the new movie, “CatZilla: The Cat That Destroyed The Big J.” Must be large and somewhat corpulent (like Maru, but Mugumogu wants too much cash) and have a laser like glare (think Grumpy Cat but already committed to another movie.) Should be able to burp flaming hairballs, and smash through houses and basically flatten Tokyo with a single paw. 25 more words

Grumpy Crab

He disapproves with a KILLER Side-Eye. From Ana G.

One-Sentence Reviews: 6/30/2015

Kacey Musgraves-Pageant Material: Miss Congeniality 3 Red Solo Heels

Muse-Drones: Matt Bellamy’s songwriting will never improve

Jeff Bridges-Sleeping Tapes: I wish all my dreams sounded this good… 126 more words


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Begging For A Boop!

“Sharky, the one year old terrier mix, showing off her adorably scruffy snout. Picture taken by my pinned down husband.” – Jena J.