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Everything's Comin' Up Roses For Leo

You’d think that with the Guilty Side-Eye, Leo may have caused this mess- but no! “Could YOU think of anything better to do with roses than to shower my precious Leo?? Not a chance.” -Joy.

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Protective Styles and the Impatient Naturalista.

I can patiently wait in line for tickets to see a Broadway show.

I can patiently wait in line at the grocery store. (Especially when I┬áhave literally… 458 more words


Toebeans With A Side Order Of Side-Eye

[*Note: Hoomin address and phone number blacked out for Privacy Reasons. -Ed.]

“Hi! We have a little Yorkie named Inu. She’s 8 years old but still has some puppy tendencies. 54 more words

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