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Side-Eye Saturday

Now, there’s no such feature- but if there was, this would be a prime candidate. “You guys were cool enough to post my pig-pup Hamlet and his disapproving snow-stache… 24 more words

Sarah Jessica Parker Disses Tom Hanks [VIDEO] - Grab And Go Gossip

Are Tom Hanks and Sarah Jessica Parker beefing? If you watch this video you might think so.
Tom and Sarah were both at the Kings v. 124 more words


March 25, 2015 at 08:19PM

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NOT A Fan Of Today

You’d think that CATS would be the only ones that wouldn’t care for #NATIONALPUPPYDAY. Nope, says Susan H. “This is my Malti-Poo, Murphy. I woke him up to wish him Happy… 10 more words

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Something Something Glass Houses Something Something Stones Or Some Crap Like That

There are a lot of things I am guilty of as a parent. There’s a lot of things I’m guilty of as a human but the NSA is watching… 417 more words