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Ways to earn side income in india

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Usually, people who want to bolster their finances trim their expenses, suffering the quality of life they live. But this should not be the case; rather opting for secondary source of income should be your priority. 890 more words

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Khas untuk KAUM HAWA !!


Anda rajin ke DAPOR?
Anda boleh meMASAK?

Saya ingin membantu anda untuk lebih rajin ke DAPOR dan lebih rajin meMASAK. 789 more words

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The First Step

After months and months of contemplation and struggle, here I am finally deciding to go ahead forging my career as a part-time freelancer.

But why? Isn’t my day job… 353 more words


Finding Sources Of Extra Income.

One source of income such as relying on a 9-5 as your sole stream of income holds obvious  financial risks. Literally you are dependent on the ups and downs of an unstable job market. 398 more words



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Hari ini aku rasa nak menaip sikit, dah alang tak berapa nak sibuk awal pagi ni. “BE POSITIVE BUT STAY REALISTIC”. Aku suka ungkapan ni, ianya bermaksud kita mesti sentiasa berfikiran positif, tetapi dalam masa yang sama juga harus sentiasa berada di alam nyata. 411 more words


ape kebendanya T. R. D ni???

Assalamualaikum w. b. t dan salam sejahtera you alls..rakan rakan maya semua ape kabar….
Agak berkurun saya x update blog ni kan kan….  semenjak giler giler dgn T. 174 more words

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10 Reasons Why You Still Can't Start Your Own Dream Online Business AND what is REALLY going on?

As an entrepreneurship and marketing instructor at the start of every semester I ask my students why they are taking the courses and every single semester the responses run something like this: 735 more words

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