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The Weekend!

I don’t know about you, but the weekend is a favorite time of mine because for some time you can do want and really focus on it or perhaps you can kick back and watch movies.   160 more words

Life And Motivation

Yoga vs running and other joys of life

Saturday has traditionally been my day of “I don’t have to practice today” which sets a quality of freedom in the mind. Space never remains empty for long though, being filled with all the possible things that could happen instead of practice. 703 more words


The Craziness of publishing the last post

Okay so, you may have read my last post about disabilities, well in truth that post was no simple task to create.  Usually, I start posts the night before as it allows me to make things more refined because more refinement is better right?   184 more words

Life And Motivation


When I was growing up, my birthday always landed in this unfortunate time after Christmas where it almost seemed like it was supposed to be a part of the holiday season—but wasn’t. 148 more words

Side Notes

A side note: what are these notes

Hello, my name is Emwhygee.

I’m not very keen on telling you too much about me, but to make things relevant I think I need to share you a little bit about my background: I’m a woman, an Indonesian, in my late 20s, and sometimes I travel. 229 more words


What Language Was the Bible Written In?

The Bible has 66 “books” in it.

Thirty-nine in the Old Testament and twenty-seven in the New Testament.

The books of the Old Testament are almost written in Hebrew with a few portions written in Aramaic.  15 more words

Side Notes

Christmas Time is Here; A Terrifying Season of Cheer

Happiness and cheer. La la l (indistinct mumbling) la favoRITE TIME OF YEar!

Oh, it’s Christmas. Well, Christmas adjacent; we aren’t quite there yet. But Christmas is nothing if not some formless set of days on days of wreathes, trees, family and movies lumped together into one big merrily ribbon-tied gift of a season. 101 more words

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