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Lemon Vinaigrette

This a basic lemon vinaigrette, useful on any salad. A little sweet, salty and tangy. Try it with our Kale Apple Salad!

Mix together: 32 more words

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Cheesy Goodness

Note to self: Don’t choose an image for the blog when hungry. Actually, probably better to just change that statement to don’t blog while hungry. 86 more words

Indian-Spiced Sweet Potato Salad

Happy #SnackSaturday!  Today I whipped up a cute little side of this Indian-Spiced Sweet Potato Salad for a midday snack and it turned out delicious!  You can serve it for any occasion where you would usually serve traditional potato salad, but the sweet potatoes and greek yogurt make it a much more nutritious option.   485 more words


Chipotle Lime Roasted Potatoes

Watch out mashed potatoes. This is the new and improved roasted potato dish with a 1-2 punch. After discovering this recipe, the potato game has never been the same. 273 more words


Alkalising Cucumber Raita and Dip

Our bodies need to maintain a slightly alkaline PH for optimum health, but most of us flood our bodies with acidity. Excess acidity puts strain on our organs, produces damaging free radicals and depresses our immune system. 206 more words




OMFG crispy hashbrowns.

Are you hungover? This will cure it.

Are you hungry? This will cure that.

Do you have a venereal disease? This will not cure that. 268 more words


Healthy and Goody

When I was little, vegetables scared me. I refuse to ate them, I don’t like to   look at them and having them in my food. maybe  was it only a stage of life where you become very picky about food? 187 more words