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The Sidekicks

Who are the sidekicks? The unsung hero, they say. The person who does complement superhero. THe one who is not as powerful as the main protagonist you see in Daredevil.(I am just referencing Daredevil because I need to see it of all the series right now). 1,098 more words


The Sidekick

In this post we will review Genesis chapter 15 to see how character roles can affect the protagonist. There are two main influences in Abram’s life: the Lord God and Sarai his wife. 879 more words


Sidekicks {September}

I know I missed the month of August, but hey, I was busy okay? September, things have finally settled down, I have unpacked, & finally, almost back onto a schedule. 875 more words


Character Interview: Dallas Knight

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Well… for the first time, we have a post centered on my serial story that isn’t actually a part. *gasp* It’s just an interview with one of my characters (who’s gone and gotten himself a lot of fangirls somehow…) 1,189 more words


Operation: Sidekick

Week two-thirty-six of Operation Graphite – Theme: Sidekick.

We all could use a mentor, a hero to take us under their wing. It is not about the weakness in the sidekick, but the greatness of the hero who trains them. 10 more words

Operation After Action Report

Sidekicks Episode 6

Welp, it’s finally here. The sixth and final episode of Sidekicks.

It feels a bit odd to see it all out here. Three and a half years ago I thought of an idea and then Errol and I wrote a script. 700 more words


Week 236: Sidekick

The theme selected for week two-thirty-six of Operation Graphite will be: Sidekick.

There are great heroes, and there are heroes who are maybe less great. Maybe they are heroes in training, perhaps they are apprentice heroes, waiting to be journeyman heroes.  87 more words

Operation Mission Briefing