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April Sidekicks

It’s the end of the month already! April has flown by, and that means it’s time for me to share my favorite beauty sidekick from April. 522 more words


Day 3 #AusYaChallenge

Day 3 – LGBTQIA.

Sidekicks by Will Kostakis.

Stick around…


Book Review of Will Kostakis' The Sidekicks

I would rate Will Kostakis’ The First Third as one of the best YA fictions of recent years – and his latest outing, Sidekicks, is worth a read too. 133 more words

Young Adult Fiction

Beginner's Guide to Taking Over the World

By Tyler Elias

If you’re anything like me, than at least three times a day you think to yourself, “The world would be a better place if I were left in charge,” but you lack any and all qualifications for such an ambitious step. 1,009 more words


Vaccine Study From IVC

I get asked about vaccinations quite a bit in my practice. Since a horse’s immune system functions just like yours, I take a similar approach to giving vaccines when the horse is younger, which offers them lifelong antibodies. 184 more words


Partners in Crime: Crafting an Effective Ally for your Mystery Protagonist

By Brady Major

When you are creating a protagonist for one of your mystery stories, often one of the greatest ways to discover who they are and how they tick is by applying to the narrative an equal yet opposing force in the form of a partner that challenges and supports them in interesting ways. 1,258 more words

Mystery Writing

Chapter 4 is out!

Chapter four is ready to go!  Getting this far is really a big deal as I have never managed to do this in any of my other stories before. 84 more words