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On Being Happy - Dogs

So recently everything has been a bit doom, gloom and a bit more doom. With the last post being quite a big one for me but not necessarily the most cheerful post and seeing as the past 4 days I’ve been waiting to have my laptop returned to me after being attacked by a virus, I think it’s time for a bit of happiness. 575 more words


Blessings in Disguise

Blessings sometimes show up in unrecognizable disguises. ~ Janette Oke

I have contemplated this quotation for several days. Perhaps because of its brevity, I sensed it required longer consideration.

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Fall Corn Chowder

By now you probably have more corn than you know what to do with. So rather than eating ANOTHER corn on the cob (seriously, my floss is running low… 92 more words

Damn Good Dinners

Does The Sidekick Make The Hero?

I had the good fortune of participating in¬†RMFW’s Colorado Gold writing conference this weekend. While I attended several productive¬†workshops, I found a few to be especially informative, including one about sidekicks in fiction. 551 more words


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This is a reblog of an excellent post by Allison Maruska on the uses of sidekicks. I know many of us get attached to our characters (I certainly do) and maybe don't think of 'using' them, but it can be productive to take a step back and consider how this type of character can fill a role in a story. It's certainly worth a long look to see if your supporting characters are doing everything they can to make your story shine. As an example, I read somewhere that JK Rowling said that Hermione was an incredibly useful character for exposition in Harry Potter. Nobody would be surprised at any information Hermione had to offer. They'd all just assume she read it in a book somewhere.

Fancy Flatbread

Since Jess is such a rockstar and makes her own pizza dough, I wont even tell you that I cheated and bought some pre-made garlic & herb pizza dough from Trader Joe’s. 373 more words


Michael Pena ......Ant Man, Comedy and CRASH

SPOILER of a sort ……..If you haven’t seen ANT MAN …come back to this column after you’ve seen it …..okay?

CRASH (2004, Writer / Director Paul Haggis) — 2004 as a busy year for me ..I was trying to wrap up my teaching / Bachelor degrees in combination with a double major….and being a single parent…and working ….whew…so going to the movie theater was not a top priority. 576 more words


Countdown to DCP: Day 24

Favorite Disney Sidekick

Hmmmm….. This is a good one.

  • Meeko and Flit from Pocahontas
    • These guys are hilarious even though they cannot talk.
  • Mushu and Cricket from Mulan …
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Sydney Does Disney