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An App Named Janice

As I continue creating my app on Twitch, I wanted to share my journey with the internets. I figured I could use the blog like a log/planner/todo list. 258 more words

Twitch.tv Experiment - 3 days down

About four years ago I joined a group of friends to work on an app. Today, I still work with the same team (though there has been much change over the years). 440 more words

On the Side...

Strangely, I had been asked many times for the past few months if I am a full time freelancer. Everytime it came as a surprise when I replied that I am a cubicle rat. 577 more words

Nox Noctis

Just finished the the first release from my side project Nox Noctis. It features 18 for the most part instrumental tracks.
Available for download HERE! Enjoy!





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