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The Pace and Place for Answers and Songs

By Timothy Hullihan:

I bought the new Maya Angelou stamps at the post office yesterday.  Next to her portrait is a quote from Joan Walsh Anglund, that Ms. 551 more words


Note: Before aggressively racing that one person who walks just two paces slower than you to every single street corner for six blocks . . . 257 more words

Sidewalk Rage and Why Walking is Much Like Driving

Because I am a really fast walker naturally, I’ve noticed recently that walking along the street is like driving on the road. There are usually two lanes: right going forward/down, left going back/up. 742 more words


"Sidewalk Rage": A Texan's Introduction to Pedestrian Congestion

Before I left for Madrid, my friend Larina told me about a study that was going on about sidewalk rage and how she wanted in on it. 579 more words

Hi, My Name is X and I Have Sidewalk Rage

You are mentally obese if you binge on unlimited salad and bread sticks at Olive Garden and then finish your entire dinner only to come home and have some popcorn, coke, and pear and ginger gelato. 559 more words

Olive Garden

Sidewalk Rage

My name is Elayna and I have sidewalk rage. I bet you’re asking, what is sidewalk rage? Well y’know how there is road rage? It’s kinda the same thing but on the sidewalk. 478 more words

By Elayna

Sidewalk Rage

The other day, I had the strange experience of walking down an escalator that was turned off.  If you’ve never done this, it’s much more interesting than it sounds.   888 more words