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Dangerous Design: Walking in Suburbia

Cities are hot stuff these days.  After a half a century of people fleeing the nation’s cities for a “better life” in the suburbs, they are coming back.  572 more words


Funyuns and chicharrones

Score! Funyuns, chicharrones and a window seat on the train, it must be your lucky day. Sure the dollar value of these snacks is low, but the enjoyment derived by these free treats is off the charts. 30 more words


Lemon chicken & arugula salad

Your lunch expired by two days and I thank you for not throwing it away in disgust. Now a somewhat healthy meal is available for anyone walking by to casually grab and savor. 15 more words


Finding Solitude in New York City

via Photo Challenge: Solitude

If there’s one thing that’s tough to do, it’s finding some quiet time in the Big Apple.

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