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Broken pictures Vs Recovery

I’m a very visual person and I’ve always been slightly dismayed by the negative imagery associated with mental illness. You’ll see an image of a cracked brain or mutilple heads or something equally disturbing.   358 more words

Survey: Americans Prefer To Bike On The Sidewalk

The Urban Phoenix has begun a series of small “initial” single-question surveys through Google Surveys in an effort to gain and share knowledge with regard to how people perceive our cities today.  1,071 more words

Sidewalk Math

Every time the weather gets turns favorable, I get inspired to grab some sidewalk chalk and do #sidewalkmath. It’s been a thing for me the last couple of years. 210 more words


Slick Sidewalk

This sidewalk covered with moss is a very slick surface. Check out how we not only made this safer, but also how new it looks!

Alamance County