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A Suburban Walking Revolution

The human species took off only after we gained the ability to stand upright. In fact, the ability to walk is a defining characteristic of our species. 606 more words


Saskatoon Cycles wants biking allowed on some city sidewalks

Saskatoon Cycles is asking for changes to be made to the city’s bike bylaw.

A representative from the group presented a review of the bylaw to a city committee on Tuesday. 142 more words



This is one of my favorite moments of the year. With all the end of summer activities in full swing, I spend most of my time outdoors, and try to absorb sunlight in winter. 519 more words

Bed Edges

Library Project Almost in the Books

Big news: I finally finished the Little Free Library I’ve been building for months. This weekend, I attached a pane of plastic and all the brass hardware that I bought at an estate sale. 401 more words

Wander Without a Destination--CWWPC

Which way do we go today as we explore San Miguel de Allende, Mexico? The destination is not important, but the trip is. Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge encourages us to wander and explore. 37 more words


Keeping Robinson Street's Sidewalks Clean

In order to keep our street looking good, the Robinson Street Association began a sidewalk cleanup project in 2016. With a grant from the City’s Neighbor-to-Neighbor Program to buy tools and equipment, the sidewalk cleanup project runs from April through October and consists of picking up trash, pulling weeds, and blowing off dirt and leaves. 37 more words