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Parents complain about lack of sidewalks in Raleigh and Frayser

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some parents said they don’t feel safe letting their children walk to school because of blight and lack of sidewalks, a problem in some parts of Frayser and Raleigh. 168 more words


"Pedestrian-scale lighting"

In case you were wondering, “pedestrian-scale lighting” does not mean Leprechaun-sized fixtures that fire off light rays at eye level.

Rather, it’s these old-style street lamps, about half to two-thirds the height of the (roughly) 35-foot-tall modern-style street lights that illuminate Mass. 213 more words

Mass. Ave.

7/27/15: Cool July Morning

sidewalks clotted

with strollers—might I

ride too?


QUESTION OF THE DAY: What Are The Locations In Town That Need Sidewalks?

The Wilmington Department of Public Works has recently begun a sidewalk project on Middlesex Avenue, extending the sidewalk from Clark Street, past Rotary Park, to the office park at 21 Middlesex Avenue.   80 more words

Question Of The Day

Live Free or Park in Reverse

By: Spencer Milton

Eugene Mirman is a comedian most recognizable for his portrayal of Gene in the TV series Bob’s Burgers and least recognizable as a land use planner that uses his sit-down comedy to influence local ordinances. 1,004 more words

Law And Government

I am glad to have a big belly

at my corner. I love living in a densely populated neighborhood, and rarely complain about consequences of living so closely to others. In my Wash West neighborhood we are lucky to have Big Belly trash cans on almost every corner. 230 more words


Letter: Sidewalks are in worse shape than roads

We hear an awful lot these days about the danger that potholes and construction work present to cars, bicycles, and even to horses, but what about pedestrians? 71 more words