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Islamic State Claims Tunisia Checkpoint Attack

Islamic State militants have claimed responsibility for a deadly attack on a security checkpoint in Tunisia, which killed three policemen. 221 more words


Three Tunisia Police Killed In Clashes

At least three Tunisian police officers have been killed, following clashes with Islamist militants near a checkpoint in central Tunisia, state news reported. 125 more words


Tunisia – The Jewel of the Mediterranean

When someone says Tunisia, you think of sandy beaches, traditional sweets, and Star Wars (yes, it was filmed in Tataouine in the South). When someone says they’ll be going to Tunisia for the holidays, you may assume it’s because they found a great deal from Thomas Cook. 814 more words


Travel: A View From Tunisia

by Lenna

A few weeks ago, I visited Tunisia. Just the idea of setting foot on African soil was thrilling to me, and even more so because I was visiting a Muslim-majority country. 1,040 more words

Sidi Bouzid.


Tunisia’s elections loom, some Tunisians deem an unwillingness to vote “unpatriotic” while others say they have no faith in current politicians’ ability to solve the country’s problems.

My footage for Reuters TV:


The Legacy of Mohamed Bouazizi and the Tunisian Uprising

Social media has played a key role in the lives of many people around the world. It has served us as a means of communication, entertainment, as a personal calendar and as a photo album. 320 more words


Moncef Marzouki: Trend of radical Islam "does not represent a danger" to Tunisia, BBC Arabic (London), 17 December 2013

In an exclusive interview with the BBC, interim Tunisian president Moncef Marzouki describes his opinion of the current political situation in Tunisia as it nears the end of its “transitional stage.” A new constitution is expected by the end of January, to be followed by presidential elections. 828 more words

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