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On First Reformed


The form perfectly matches the content. And so, with First Reformed, Paul Schrader has done it, just as Henry Jaglom, another disciple of greater directors, was able to hit jackpot once with Deja Vu. 706 more words

Double Feature #77 - The Vanishing and Deathtrap

I’m back! And I am in Amsterdam currently. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to keep up the blog while I’m here, but now that I’ve been here a week, I feel confident I can stick to a post a week. 3,905 more words

Double Feature

Best Adapted Screenplay: 1973

My Top 10

  1. The Exorcist
  2. Serpico
  3. The Day of the Jackal
  4. The Friends of Eddie Coyle
  5. Don’t Look Now
  6. Paper Moon
  7. The Last Detail
  8. A Doll’s House…
  9. 14,328 more words

Movie : The Hill

We open on some kind of military encampment in the desert. Various groups are going through various exercises and drills. We focus on one man climbing a makeshift “Hill” carrying a duffel bag. 356 more words


Here's a Cool Shot | 12 Angry Men

Recently I watched 12 Angry Men, and I really loved it. It’s a brilliantly written, directed, and acted film, filled with interesting camera movements where the director would suddenly switch the subject it was following, to symbolize the sudden change of stance the characters could go through. 574 more words


Leedle Gra Zells. A belated film review of Murder on the Orient Express.

I didn’t see this at the cinema. I thought about seeing it on a transatlantic flight but thought better of it.  I eventually found the perfect occasion to see it – as part of a family viewing night with attention focused on our twelve year old son who doesn’t know whodunnit in advance. 560 more words