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Lessons from an Angel

Someone once suggested that maybe my son was an actual angel sent to change my life, to help me out of the deep, dark hole I’d dug for myself, and that’s why he didn’t stay for long. 380 more words

Child Loss

Who Knew Babies Need Helmets?

I don’t know what it is, but for some reason, two out of my three boys have needed helmets to round out their heads. What, do I breed soft headed children? 968 more words


Rock bottom

I’ve not written in a while as so much has been happening – Christmas, moving house, back to work, post mortem results and now Elva’s first birthday is looming over me. 326 more words

Infant Loss

What is Co-sleeping? Isn't that Dangerous?

Co-sleeping is a very controversial topic even amongst crunchiest of folk. There’s also confusion around the word cosleeping itself. You may have also heard of the terms bed-sharing or room sharing adding further to the confusion. 907 more words


Breastfeeding and smoking

I know this is a very controviesial subject, but an important one.

The healthiest option for your baby is to stay away from cigarette smoke during pregnancy and after birth. 284 more words


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: A Review

Carlin, R.F. & Moon, R.Y. (2017) JAMA Pediatrics. 171(2) pp. 175-180.

Importance: Sudden infant death syndrome remains the leading cause of death in infants aged 1 month to 1 year in the United States. 142 more words

02 (February 2017)


I remember when I was younger. Not even younger, but I was still partying and not doing anything with my life. I think around 25 I stopped doing all that. 311 more words