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Putting the Pieces Together

In order for me to feel truly ready for this rainbow baby, I feel like there are so many things we left undone or incomplete about the passing of our angel. 469 more words

Moving Faster than Expected.

Life tends to move faster when you don’t think about it. I’ve lost count of days, weeks and even the past month. It’s literally flown by without me realizing it. 187 more words


All Right Right Now--In Which I Fall in Love with Breaths

Dear Lily June,

To say I’m a light sleeper is an understatement. I sleep according to chaos theory: a butterfly bats its wing halfway across the world and a volcano erupts in my brain. 1,765 more words

My rainbow is here! (A bit belated)

Wow, I can’t believe it.. it’s been over a month since our rainbow baby arrived!  I was in the hospital due to placenta previa for over a month. 695 more words

Well I suppose, great vast world of blog readers, that this is what I would like to lovingly title My First Blog Post. I am not entirely sure the meaning behind blogs, why they are read or written or followed, nor can i surmise any reason that mine amongst others should ever decidedly become popular. 395 more words


So you think light sport & recreational aircraft are expensive to maintain??

Those of you bemoaning the ever-escalating costs of keeping your light sport and recreational aircraft in tip-top airworthy condition should spare a thought for Cessna owners. 487 more words

Foxbat Technical

rumbling on my tummy

I started letting my son have tummy time since he was about two to three weeks old. of course, at such early stages, it was only done under supervision and for about ten to fifteen minutes each time. 467 more words

Infant Care