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Nine Months

My Sweet Toby,

We miss you so very much. I have spent this past week fighting the flashes of time. Fighting the pain that each memory brings. 542 more words


Another 23rd.



Well the 23rd day of another month is here. I’m really hoping this 23rd isn’t as bad. I hate the person I am on these days. 1,271 more words

Stella Myyy Belllllaaa

After she was born and things started to settle down we got into our routine. I would get the big kids to bed come back down we would spend time with daddy just the 3 of us until he eventually passed out on the couch. 1,168 more words

I'm What?...

I’ve decided that before I jump right into everything I’d go through my pregnancy first. I mean really, isn’t that where it all began? ┬áIt’s true that every pregnancy is different, but, when you’re on your fourth pregnancy, there are some similarities. 1,231 more words

Your Child Needs You - Pt 1

Why Quality Time Needs to Be a Priority

I am going to attempt to reach out to all Parents with this, although we want to draw young couples and young parents-to-be to Our Sites, where they can better prepare to be the Parents their Child needs. 679 more words

Child Abuse

Did My Baby Die Of SIDS Because It Hates Me?

“Gasp!!! You’re so insensitive.”

Maybe. Maybe I am.

No one knows why babies die of SIDS, this is as good a reason as any.

Mothers always blame themselves anyways. 207 more words


The worst part about having a baby?

Is the fear. The fear of a miscarriage. The fear of doing something wrong while pregnant. The fear of something going wrong in labor. I thought it would go away once my baby was born but now it’s worse. 103 more words