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That Fateful Evening I Lost You

Many stories circulate regarding the loss of my little boy; it happens in a small town. What happened to my love that evening I will share with you. 853 more words

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Tips for getting your baby to sleep safely

Teresa Betzer spoke on behalf of the Violence and Injury Prevention Program at Utah Department of Health and shared some tips that all parents should be aware of when it comes to their babies. 99 more words

The Place

It's been a bit.

Today I’d like to talk about two different topics.

First off – our landlady made a comment when I paid rent last month and I was talking to her about my health. 399 more words

ALL parents need to know about SIDS

Sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS for short is something I believe every parent/guardian should be provided with a lot more information then they currently are both during pregnany and after birth. 521 more words

Is it too much to ask for you just to stay still...please?

My little lamb is rolling! Front to back, back to front every where. Whenever she can. At 6 months old, she’s finally doing it. I am so thrilled that she has mastered this milestone as we’ve been trying so hard for weeks, if not months trying everything we can to get her to roll. 656 more words

Mixed messages: Where should babies sleep?

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A new study about the best place for babies to sleep – in their own rooms, or sharing a room with their parents – contradicts current AAP guidelines. 514 more words

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Learning from Fishing Villages

This summer I am working as a Project Officer intern at NIRMAN in Bhubaneswar, India. NIRMAN is a grassroots organization that works to promote equitable, just, resilient and a sustainable human-environment system. 443 more words