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Things to do in Sarajevo

From Mostar I got the bus up to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  I stayed in Sarajevo for 4-5 days; unfortunately I wasn’t so lucky with the weather and it rained heavily for the first two days, however the sun did eventually tentatively make it through the grey. 979 more words

The Balkan War; A Bosnian Perspective


“A lot can happen in a minute, like grenades, so you live moment to moment,” Al tells me. It’s difficult not to appreciate the sentiment; he still carries the wounds from being shredded, on two different occasions, by shrapnel whilst fighting in Sarajevo during the Balkan War of the early 90s. 1,478 more words


Mixed Emotions in Sarajevo

I was fifteen years old when I first heard of Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. The city was the host of the 1984 Winter Olympics, and I was at an age where I was getting really interested in world geography, not to mention skiing. 2,118 more words


1,425 Days

A drizzle of rain falls
like the missile buzz
and love and blood
to empty pavements.

The sky an endless scar
of distances beyond reach. 59 more words


Exploring Sarajevo #1

I only have two more weeks left here in Sarajevo and I’ve gone on so many adventures. During my first week here we went to the Tunel spasa (Tunnel of Hope). 364 more words


To Overcome That Which Would Destroy – Miss Sarajevo: Running Toward The Transcendent Power Of Art

One of my goals while visiting Sarajevo was to go on a run through the city streets while listening to Miss Sarajevo. This ethereal and mysterious song was a collaborative work from the band members of U2, their longtime producer Brian Eno and world famous tenor, Luciano Pavarotti. 1,116 more words

The Balkans

Black Butterflies -Infernal Resistance: A Balkan Book Burning In Sarajevo

Words both medieval and modern were floating through the infernal air of a fire lit, late summer day in Sarajevo. These words were not spoken, but written. 1,121 more words

The Balkans