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A Brief History of WMDs before 1900

This is a Mongol style siege but not the siege of Kaffa from the early 14th century Jami al-Tawarikh  (Compendium of Chronicles) by Rashid ad-Din.  Edinburgh University Library… 2,048 more words


The Sultan's Route

For sure, Camino de Santiago de Compostela is the most famous pilgrimage route in Europe. But there is another one which is very interesting, closer to the Balkans and rich in history. 188 more words

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Technological Terrors of Antiquity

Ever since humans built walls and fortifications to protect their homes, they’ve also devised weapons and siege engines to knock them down to get into the sweet loot within them. 1,118 more words

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Breaking the siege of Failure and Stagnation

Failure and stagnation are not part of the deal. The condition for success is for us to buy into the first commandment.

And thou shalt love the lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment… 447 more words


250,000 Lives at Risk as US-Backed Saudi Coalition Begins Siege of Yemeni Port, by Middle East Monitor

Nothing good will come from this siege, and many innocent Yemenis will die. From the Middle East Monitor via theantimedia.org:

The Saudi-led coalition has launched an attack on Yemen’s port city Hudaydah,  346 more words

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Bombing Bernhardt strikes again

After nearly 350 years, Bombing Bernhardt struck again last week. During construction work in Groningen city, builders unearthed what they thought was a bomb. A bomb disposal team was hastily called to the scene. 477 more words


The Meek Go to War

On June 9th, Year 4, battle is brewing in the Vale. In the days following the Vale folk’s intrusion on their hill fort, the kobolds have become more active, beginning to harass Jacob Pharoe and his guild where they watch over the settlers preparing the site of a new village. 696 more words