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Video Battle Report #002 - Trollbloods (Doomy1) Vs. Cygnar (Siege)

As promised, here is our second shot at a proper commentated battle report.  We have some more in the pipe and we should be able to keep the the bi-weekly release schedule for the foreseeable future. 34 more words

Battle Reports

Freedom Flotilla ship the Marianne has been hijacked by the Israeli Navy.

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition is a group of activists that work peacefully for the end of the Gaza Blockade.

Activists, from various backgrounds and nationalities, were aboard the ship called Marianne. 288 more words


The Smoke of Dawn by Jeff Shaara

Between 1863-64 the siege and battle of Chattanooga  takes place on Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge above Chattanooga, where the Confederate troops blockade the Union, hunkered down in Chattanooga.  389 more words


June 6th - Battle of Havana 1762

The Battle of Havana (1762) lasted from March to August 1762, as part of the Seven Years’ War. British forces besieged and captured the city of Havana, which at the time was an important Spanish naval base in the Caribbean, and dealt a serious blow to the Spanish navy. 280 more words


Authorizations for Pennsic - What You Need to Know

So, you’re going to Pennsic this year and want to fight or fence? Make sure your paperwork is in order before you leave by following these tips: 327 more words


Podcast 081: Cygnar (Siege) vs Legion (Lylyth3) - Can't Teach a Huge Warcaster New Tricks

Nick, having done quite well with Lylyth2 and Thags2 but still needing practice with them, did what any rational player would do: Completely change up his warcasters and lists, obviously! 2,647 more words


In Which Training Continues and We Venture Into the Past

All is well in Kosovo! We’re settling into a routine of language class, Peace Corps training, and living with our host families. A lot of us heard how much Albanians love Americans before we arrived, but it took being in Kosovo to really understand what that means. 691 more words