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One Hundred Years of Failure?

It was during the summer of 1967 that Commander Rockwell wrote his second book, “White Power”. He had then a much easier go of it than he had in getting published his first book, “This Time the World”. 1,324 more words


A whole new end of the world

Tim Lebbon’s The Silence is a leap from The Italian, by Ann Radcliffe.  No surprise there.  The Silence was written over 200 years later.  Still, the change is worth noting. 454 more words


Watch: Israel's new security measures around Gaza

I was interviewed by Press TV on 11/8/2017

Israel continues to avoid dealing with the problem, which is the occupation and siege when it could spend $1 Billion on measures to bring peace.


[The Story] Worst They've Done

Slightly mixing up the format of this week’s update to “The Story.” My spontaneous 500-word short stories are unplanned story jams. My 6,000-word short story… 504 more words

The Story


Those familiar with prison life will instantly recognize “P.C.” as synonymous with “Protective Custody” or “Punk City”. But the more recent application of P.C. has been and is “Politically Correct”. 1,282 more words


A young man in the making in times of war

To see a young boy, no more than seven or eight, crying because of the war, is something we will never get accustomed to.
Qasim Ali Al-Shawea… 355 more words



Once more I ask you to dismiss the nightly news and whatever you may have thought you knew about Russia.

Whence came Russia? For all intents and purposes, Russia is or was a colony of Sweden approximately as North America is or was a colony of Great Britain. 2,125 more words