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The Unintentionally Helpful Villain, Vol. 04 - Here Comes the Sun

Diary Entry #0110

Ten days of warring within thine splendid walls of blackness, my capital, my glorious Fulcrum. Blood – demonic and human and other, besides – clogs tiles of soulstone. 477 more words

28 February–1 June 1807: The Siege of Danzig I

General Chasseloup-Laubat (1754–1833). The celebrated engineer who directed French operations at Danzig, Kolberg and Stralsund. At Danzig he was opposed by fellow Frenchman, Bousmard, an engineer whose methods he had studied and absorbed. 1,236 more words


28 February–1 June 1807: The Siege of Danzig II

Panoramic view of the Siege of Gdańsk by French forces in 1807.

In practice, Chasseloup – aided by his assistant, François Joseph Kirgener – is faced with a difficult task. 2,063 more words


The Siege of Smolensk 1632-33

Mikhail Shein surrendering to the Poles in Smolensk

Smolensk War: Smolensk Voivodeship, showing in red the disputed territory.

Diplomatic maneuvering in Stockholm and the Crimea completed Russia’s war preparations. 1,784 more words


The men behind the Marawi siege

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

KUALA LUMPUR: Of all the militants involved in the Marawi siege that is now entering into its fourth week, Malaysian Dr Mahmud Ahmad, 39, is the least known outside of his own country. 1,079 more words

Current Affairs

Marawi siege expected to be protracted: Security source

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

KUALA LUMPUR: As the siege in the southern Philippine city of Marawi enters its fourth week, the military has given up on setting deadlines for the on-going battle against Islamic State (IS)-linked militants. 1,400 more words

Current Affairs

Militants cling to 20% of Philippines town after three-week siege

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

Islamist militants control about 20 per cent of Marawi City in the Philippines, a top general said on Tuesday, refuting a claim by Islamic State that its fighters were still “spread in more than two-thirds” of the town after three weeks of fighting. 373 more words

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