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Threat of Starvation Haunts Aleppo as Syrian Government Forces Advance

(BEIRUT) — As government troops close in on Aleppo, some residents are preparing to flee Syria’s largest city while others are hoarding food in case of a long siege, even laying out bread on rooftops to dry it out for storage. 919 more words

Black Desert Online: Castle Sieges

PvP is not my bag, baby, so it’s not the gameplay I’m looking forward to most in Black Desert. No, I plan on spending my time building boats, fishing, and running my goods from one side of the world to the other. 541 more words

Black Desert

The Nation of the Cross Has Fallen

The Fall of Tripoli in 1289 triggered frantic preparations to save Acre.

Siege of Acre 1291 – Guillaume de Clermont Defending Ptolemais from the Saracen invasion. 2,252 more words


A Quick Look At - Rainbow Six: Siege Gadgets

So how realistic is the premise of certain in-game gadgets?..

So, the latest Rainbow Six game came out, and it offers itself as a realistic, tactical shooter. 988 more words


Besiege: Early Access Impressions

If, like myself, you spent your childhood playing with Lego, then you probably know the simple joy that comes from building something. And, you probably also know the even simpler joy that comes from tearing apart your creations when you’ve grown bored with them. 115 more words


(Unfinished) Rainbow 6: Siege Review

Had a burst of creative energy which culminated in the work below however the determination to finish it got away from me. Posting so it’s at least up somewhere and not wasting away in my documents.  898 more words