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Still Empty, Still Hoping

I’m not the kind of guy that can feel good about not doing anything. Sure, I can be really lazy and relax a lot, but if I know that I can’t do anything, I feel awful. 550 more words


Siege at Kabul Hotel Caps a Violent 24 Hours in Afghanistan

Kam Air canceled several flights on Sunday, according to Farid Peykar, the company’s vice president, who added that operations would be affected for days to come as the carrier tries to attend to the shock and concern of its staff members. 1,255 more words

Exercise 10 - Basic Segura

Blue to move. Place the queue token to secure the Segura siege without it being captured by white’s next turn. White’s routes are 7/3, 1/1, and 6/2. 9 more words


Un incroyable rêve de papier : la bibliothèque secrète de Daraya

Par : Margaux Bonnet

Lorsque nous avons créé from.sham.with love en 2014, nous étions persuadés que l’art était un puissant vecteur à la fois de survie personnelle et de réconciliation entre les humains, même lorsque plus rien ne semble les unir ni les définir après des années de guerre civile. 1,562 more words

Non Classé

Visionaries is here!

Heads will roll!  I’m happy to announce that Visionaries, Book 5 of the Mud, Rocks, and Trees fantasy series has been published.  Five down, one to go!  8 more words

[Grime/Glitter] Dreaming of Equality

The world would be boring if we were exactly alike. If we all had similar mental or physical traits, then perhaps most external conflicts might slow down, however I don’t think we’d become peaceful. 488 more words


Exercise 8 - Double Ikeda to Win

White to move. Available routes are 1/3, 5/2, and 3/2. Place both blue tokens under siege to perform an Ikeda for the win.

See here for solution.