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Death From Afar Before the Age of Rockets & Missiles

Today in History, March 23: 1918 – At 7:20 AM the peace in Paris, France was shattered by an artillery barrage. The fire was from a new weapon designed by the Germans, the “Pariskanone”, a 210mm cannon with a 118 ft long barrel. 33 more words

A Parody by My Brothers

Eternal darkness

Is all I see
That time you left me
In Rainbow Siege

Darkness surrounds me
Collapsing in


In the distance
I see a crow

Caw caw


Under siege

Old building fighting for survival…


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Video: Imagine if this was Your Neighborhood

Philip Harris   ConflictDaily.com   21 March 2017

In this non combat video you can see what it is like to live in a city that the President Assad of Syria believed did not follow him and that did not like his government.   398 more words

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The Siege (a novel excerpt) by James Hanna — literally stories

Tom Hemmings, a college dropout restless for adventure, had hired on as a guard at The Indiana Penal Farm—a medium security prison covering 20,000 pastoral acres, most of it farmland and sycamore forest. 2,511 more words

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Lachish: Terrors Of A Siege

Sometimes – for various reasons – an army decided to take an extremely defensive position: inside a city. If the opposing army didn’t go away, a siege would likely occur in an attempt to force the defenders out, starve the population, and conquer the city. 938 more words

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Officer Interview - Kingdom Siege Marshal

In our continuing series of the Gazette’s Officer Interviews, THL Rosalia Iuliana Andre answered the following questions regarding her involvement in the SCA, the siege program and her thoughts on  siege activities in the Kingdom. 626 more words