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Prime Numbers (sieve of Eratosthenes)

প্রাইম  (Prime ) সংখ্যা বলতে আমরা বুঝি এমন সংখ্যা যাকে ঐ সংখ্যা যার শুধুমাত্র ২ টি ফ্যাক্টর ( ১ এবং সংখ্যাটি নিজে ) আছে। অর্থাৎ যেসব সংখ্যাকে ঐ সংখ্যা এবং ১ ছাড়া আর কোন সংখ্যা দিয়ে ভাগ করা যায়না। যেমনঃ ২, ৩, ৫, ৭,… এগুলো প্রাইম সংখ্যা। আবার ৮ কিন্তু প্রাইম না, কারন ৮ এর ফ্যাক্টর ১, ২, ৪, ৮। প্রাইম ছাড়া যেসব সংখ্যা আছে, তাদেরকে বলা হয় কম্পোজিট (Composite) সংখ্যা। 9 more words



I have been plagued recently with problems with my electric kiln. I have had a melted socket (that I was very lucky did not result in a fire), over firing and after having all elements replaced the controller has now failed. 182 more words


Brain like a Sieve

I’ve got a few minutes of your time
To try to fill with verse and rhyme.
I’ll start with a poem in my pocket,
Oh bugger, I’ve forgotten it! 92 more words


You are

You are a sieve.
I pour everything I have into you
And you take it all,
But it goes right through.


Zeolite molecular sieve market to witness heavy growth prospects in emerging economies

Zeolite Molecular Sieve Market is gaining popularity owing to strict government norms towards curbing the use of phosphates. Zeolite being an eco-friendly alternative to sodium tripolyphosphates is widely used as an ion exchange builder in detergents. 510 more words

Polymers And Advanced Materials

Where a Hole Is, Matters. 1/31/17

Where a hole is located is a very important concept. Just think about it, if you were stranded in a desert wasteland what would you rather have? 1,995 more words

General Audience

Sieve of Eratosthenes (without iteration) in MATLAB

For my CS class there was an extra credit problem in this week’s problem set where we had to write a sieve of Eratosthenes to find prime numbers up to an input integer. 525 more words