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Comprehending Primes With Efficient Algorithms

What are primes?
A Number that has no divisors apart from one and itself is termed as prime.

The most naive algorithm for finding if a number is prime involves iterating i from 1 to n , checking if the number is divisible by i (using the modulus operator) . 1,282 more words


Cloud data can be controlled more by Sieve!

Researchers from MIT and Hayward have developed software called ‘Sieve’ which can provide users the privilege of tracking encrypted personal data and better manage it in the cloud. 181 more words

Cloud Storage

Beef Stock

There’s nothing like roasting beef bones and making your own beef stock! It’s SO worth the extra work. The taste is unbeatable.

This recipe can easily be doubled or quadrupled. 347 more words


Conceptualising the Internet: The Deep Web, Visibility, and Metaphor

Keywords: Internet; deep web; metaphor; search engine; sieve; information   

Information has an inherent abstract quality. When considering digital infrastructure and the information held within, or flowing through, a number of ideas might come to mind as to what form that information takes. 544 more words

I'm Feeling Lucky! Crawling Before You Search

I’m Feeling Lucky! Crawling Before You Search

-Dariusz R Jakubowski

Algorithms envelope daily modern life but are rarely on the minds of those employing the functions of the formulas. 498 more words

Wisconsin Hockey Kids are the Best

Still here: 

The results can be seen most every Friday home game. The Wallock kids — Liam and 4-year-old sister Aoife (pronounced Eee-fa) — come wearing T-shirts that reflect their love for the Badgers in general and certain players in particular.

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a flick, a flicker, a brief moment in time and only just held in space, like words that hold no value…here and then gone…